final vegas accounting

there are just a few more things i wanted to touch on about the vegas trip before i start the usual routine of blogging about hot chicks.

first, fredo and i finally played poker and it turned out to be not hard at all. fredo did a lot better than i did, but it definitely wasn't the case of me the newbie getting taken to the cleaners by vegas card sharks. if you have any idea of basic poker strategy, then you should be able to play at a table for however long and not lose any money. and i was definitely not the worst poker player there. you can play close most of the time and then chase a few hands here and there and i guarantee that you'll end up ok. here's what i mean. there were at least three hands that i played that i thought for sure i had won and then ended up losing. there were at least two hands that i chased and got on the river and won big. and there were at least two hands that played because i was in the big blind that i ended up winning on the flop. the point is, the explosion in the popularity of poker has made scenes like the one from rounders, where the card sharks take out the tourists, much less likely. on top of that, when you do take down the big pot, you can't help but feel like a complete stud.

the wheel of fortune has always been very very good to me and fredo. we hit it for another 900 bucks. i don't know what to say except that i used to hate slot machines, but now i love them thanks to this machine. for those of you who have never played, i highly recommend and i can almost guarantee that you'll get hooked. there's a magic moment when you realize that playing the slots is hella fun.

i finally finally had my hot craps roll and man, was it delicious! but seriously, i was on the dice for about half an hour and won a little over 200 bucks during this time. i just kept hitting the eight both on the pass line bets and the come bets. it felt good, and like vegas wants it, i can't wait to do it again.

fredo and i stayed at the motel 6 on tropicana across the street from the mgm. i know what everyone is thinking, but here's our reasoning. there were actually two fights going on that night and everything on the strip was hella expensive. the last time we stayed, we stayed at the san remo, which is a perfectly acceptable hotel, but for what you pay, it's way overpriced. so we figured that unless we stay at the luxor, which is our hotel of choice, we were just going to go with rock bottom prices. so for a more than decent location, we ended up paying 60 bucks apiece for the weekend. the only other reasonable rates would have been on the other side of the strip, which we hate, for about 110 bucks apiece. so we saved about 50 bucks which is just 50 bucks more for some lovely people at a certain establishment that we sometimes frequent after gambling. anyways, we certainly got what we paid for. it was a tiny room with hard beds. i had to rent an iron for 5 bucks. there wasn't any shampoo and the soap, if you can imagine it, was the worst bar soap i've ever used in my life. on the flip side, the location was just as good as the tropicana or the san remo or the mgm, and we were barely ever in the room. the only time we really used the room was when we turned in for the night. when we stay at other hotels, we end up spending a little more time in the room resting up between gambling, meals, and whatever. staying in the cheapie motel forced us to gamble much more than we might have otherwise, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on who you are. for us and our gambling genius, it ends up being a good thing.

anyways, all in all, a real successful trip in terms of gambling and football. there are probably two places in the world where i can reach nirvana. the first was tower records in chicago during the mid nineties, when i could spend hours there listening to new music and reading magazines. the other is sunday mornings and afternoons at the venetian sportsbook during the fall, watching football and making cash money. seriously, we got there at 9AM and didn't leave until 5PM, and to be honest, if there were more games, we would have stayed. i tell you, of all of the professional sports leagues, i've always contended that the NFL is the only one that has it completely figured out. but when you add in the gambling aspect, nothing even comes close.

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