forget the war in the mideast, there's a more important one going on in the northeast

redsox yankees starts tomorrow. here is a pretty good summation of what's going down.

anyways, a couple of related items.

first here is some news about how redsox fans are crying about a t-shirt that say's "who's your daddy" in reference to pedro martinez's comment a few weeks back about not being able to beat the yanks. anyways, as usual, MLB caved and has yanked (rock me!) the shirts off the shelves. the requisite reaction being the shirt appearing on ebay (hurry up and click, no telling how long this item will last. at post time, it's going for 102 bucks). anyways, the article mentions something about the boston complainants saying the phrase "who's your daddy?" is somehow offensive. a few years ago, bobby knight also got his panties in a knot when when some opposing fans started the chant "who's your daddy?" during an IU loss.

hey a-holes, this isn't 1950. "who's your daddy?" is a common expression and no one finds it offensive except a-holes who believe that all children should only be born into heterosexual married couples. get over yourselves already. you want the yankees fans to stop harrassing you? well then try mixing in a series win. the point is, of all the reasons to complain about the yankees, this is a pretty lame one.

that's not to say i'm rooting for the yankees, red sox all the way man.

in related news, attaboy curt.

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