friday night lights revisited

on friday, the movie adaptation of the book friday night lights will be released in theaters.

when i first heard that they were going to adapt the book, i had some mixed feelings. the story just didn't seem like a big screen story. after all, the book is nonfiction, it's extremely depressing, and it has several sad endings for the people in the book. however, i definitely will see the movie and i'm a little less apprehensive because i've read mostly really good buzz about the flick. however, i'm still a little nervous since i've read that they took some artistic license with the facts in the book, but hopefully it'll turn out ok.

anyways, no doubt i'll be blogging a review after i see the movie, but all the publicity for the movie reminded me of how much i liked this book. anyways, get ready for some effusive praise here.

friday night lights by h.g. bissinger is not only the best book that i've read about sports ever, but one of the best books that i've ever read, period. i realize that my judegment may be colored by the fact that i grew up in texas and i have a special insider access to the things that are talked about in the book. however, even despite all that, i would say that for anyone to consider themselves somewhat knowledgable about the impact of sports on communities and individuals, this book is a must-read. i'll even go farther to say that despite the fact that h.g. bissinger is a journalist, it is one of the best pieces of sociological research that i've ever read as well. sociologists would do well to think about emulating bissinger's ability to make insightful critiques about american society, but in a way that is completely accessible. in other words, the exact opposite of almost all of the published social research that is out there. if we social researchers could write more books like this, we would be in a much better position to effect social change. but alas, almost all of us are pretentious douchebags, myself included, so we'll continue to be impotent and irrelevant.

anyways, i also saw a trailer of the movie and i just want to applaud the producers for getting dallas carter's uniforms right. fredo and i were talking about this on the way back from vegas, we remember those dallas carter teams. the one in the book featured jesse armstead and i remember seeing highlights on television and reading about them in the newspapers. from what i could surmise, those guys were the baddest high school football players in the history of texas. just from the television highlights, you could see that jesse armstead was headed for greatness. by the way, the fact that newscast regularly featured an extended high school football highlight package should tell you everything you need to know about high school football in texas. there really was an aura to them and as a kid, i was completely captivated by their mystique. even more so than mojo. those red uniforms were badass, and so were the carter cowboys.

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