gamblor smiles upon his two most faithful disciples

there's a whole lot to tell you, dear blog reader, in reagrds to my trip to las vegas this past weekend. i'll start off with the best story and then try to fill the rest in as i get time between classes and work and what not.

ok, let me first say that the raiders f-ed me in the a. i don't know what to say except that i completely misread the kerry collins situation. and it really ended up costing me. i had collins, wheatley and janikowski in my fantasy lineup and they gave me a grand total of three points. also, i had the raiders on two parlays that i would have hit for around $400 if they had won. i also bet them hard against the line and lost 50 bucks there. however, that's not to say i'm still not a complete football genius. if you look here, you'll see that i was right about the giants, the chargers, the falcons and the chiefs. the only underdog i got wrong was the bengals. anyways, i won 50 bucks on the giants game and another 20 bucks on the charger games on straight up point spread bets. in any case, between those bets and winning another 20 bucks on the eagles, i had pretty much broken even with the single game bets. however, gamblor, the springfieldian god of gambling, saw that i was really upset by the ineptitude of the raiders and decided to find a way to get me to win on the situation. here's how it happened.

when i first filled out my first parlay card, i accidentally bubbled in the wrong number for the raiders, like i said before, i meant to take the raiders at -2.5. however, i inadvertently filled out the bubble for the raiders/texans over (42.5). anyways, when looking over my tickets later, i caught my mistake, got kinda pissed off and decided to fill out another parlay with my original bet. so later on, we're at the venetian, steam is coming out of my ears as the texans score that last touchdown. i'm going through my tickets, tearing up the ones that aren't any good, which basically since i had so much faith in the raiders, i was throwing all of them out. and then i came to the mistake parlay. since the texans scored that last touchdown, the game ended up hitting the over, and that one was still in business. anyways, i only had one of the afternoon games, the jets, which covered, and then it was down to the rams covering for me to win this parlay. fredo and i come up with the ingenious idea that i can still cover myself with another bet. since i have the rams at -3.5 on a $10 parlay, if i bet 20 bucks on the niners and the points, no matter who wins i'll still be able to come out on top. obviously, i'd do much better if the rams win, but this is just a way to cover my bases. anyways, the way you bet single games is that you give the bookie the number next to the bet as it is posted on the big board. well, i screwed up again, and ended up giving her the number for the rams instead of the niners. again, i don't realize my mistake until much later when we've gone back to the luxor to gamble some more, and at that point, i just say "f it, i've got some carribean stud poker to play."

anyways, the rams cover. in fact they cover big. so i win the parlay and i end up winning the 20 dollar side bet as well. in short, i win about $300 dollars on bets that i never intended to make. truly i have served gamblor well, and he has rewarded me thusly. all hail gamblor!

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