joining the dogpile on ashlee simpson

in case you haven't seen the train wreck of ashlee simpson's SNL appearance, here ya go.

while on one hand, she and her band are idiots for not rehearsing the click track, are we under any illusion that lip-synching isn't just part of the biz? but then again, her dancing around like an idiot while trying to figure things out certainly didn't help.

anyways, seriously, everyone uses vocal enhancement these days. i have it on good authority that on their last tour, steven stills and david crosby had their vocals processed through a pro-tools enhancement. it's not lip-synching, but at the same time, is any less dishonest than what happened to ashlee? does that make them talentless? then it doesn't make ashlee talentless either. what makes ashlee talentless is that her music is annoying to listen to.

bonus embarrasing singer moment from enrique inglesias!

no telling if this is real or not, but if it is, it's pretty funny.

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