kathleen hanna on the war, feminism, and ric ocasek

here's an interview from pop matters with indie music icon, kathleen hanna.

i never really was that big a fan of bikini kill or le tigre, but she definitely seems someone who academics like a whole lot. i think that she has some interesting things to say about the intersection of music and activism today. i'm taking a culture seminar and we've talked alot about the political power, or i guess i should say the political potential of art. kathleen hanna i think has a good point when she says:
The artists are always the seers, they're always the people who figure stuff out before anybody else figures it out, and then it trickles down into culture.
on the one hand, i think that it's a a somewhat romantic view of the artist, especially today with the way most art is made. i concede that she typically creates and distributes her art in a way that's probably outside the dominant paradigm, but she still derives a lot of her charismatic authority, to use a weberian term, from her ability to play the guitar. on the other hand, the quote actually makes a whole lot of sense to me. which is why we here in the ivory tower will never be as influential as we think we will.

she also talks about working with former cars' frontman and current supermodel husband ric ocasek on le tigre's latest album. selling out? of course not, ocasek is a genius.

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