the looming spectre of angry shaq

shaquille o'neal made his debut in a miami uniform last night.

sometimes a preseason game is just a preseason game. and sometime a preseason game is a preview of things to come. from all accounts, shaq did lose weight in the off season (or maybe the black uniforms are just real slimming), and he did work on his agility (although i've always contended that he was way more agile than anyone gave him credit for), and the diesel dominated the game and dominated yao and dikembe, two of our favorite foreigners in the nba. in other words, shaq's on a mission this season, he's showed up with an extremely big chip on his shoulder, and he's put in the required off season work to show the world that he's serious about kicking kobe and jerry buss square in the nuts. revenge is a dish best served by a 7'1" 300 pound black guy.

anyways, i'm not about to just say that the heat are going to breeze their way to the championship, but i'm also not saying it's out of the realm of possibility. shaq has already proven that he is one of the greatest players of all time, but it will be interesting to see what he does this year. if he can somehow pull a team of slightly above average talent to an NBA title, then i think that he belongs in that special upper tier of NBA greats that include jordan, magic, bird, chamberlin, etc.

anyways, as most of you know, i love shaq, and i hope he destroys everyone in his path. he really is that much better than anyone else in the nba (except for tim duncan, who in all probability will win another championship this year).

this was published a long time ago, but it's a great piece by bill simmons about how "angry shaq" affects the league....aughhh! i just went to get the link for you, but it turns out that ESPN.com has moved any content older than a couple of months to their ESPNinsider program that costs money! damn it, i can't believe that this is happening. anyways, i suppose the moral of the story is to click on the links as soon as you see them, otherwise, they might not be there in a few months. you'll have to trust me on this one, the column was good and simmons is right in that angry shaq changes everything.


Erik said...

Angry Shaq? Your blog is close to jumping the shark on this one, Bob. Shaq is going to turn out to be one of the most overrated players in the history of the NBA. Shaq was plenty angry in the finals a few months ago. He couldn't do a damn thing -- even though he was surrounded by superstars on his own team. In Miami, Shaq will finish out his career and he won't make it past the first round of the playoffs.

Bob -- the era of the superstar is over. Welcome to Detroit's paradigm -- team play. Shaq will fall to the likes of the Pistons again this year. Man it will be fun watching yet another of your predictions fall short.

Bob said...

erik, you ignorant slut.

there is a reason why the superstar paradigm came about in the first place. the last time the team paradigm was winning championships, ratings sagged and interest in the league was at an all time low. and the last time that happened to be the last time the detroit pistons won the championship. it took years for the league to recover after that.

you see erik, you overestimate the average basketball fan. no one wants to see team defense or mid range jumpers. it's called showtime for a reason. the only people who give a crap about team play are left-wing-commie-liberals (me being the sole exception)

anyways, sure maybe detroit's extremely boring and unentertaining brand of basketball may be good enough to win in this watered down nba, but if they do, the league will be worse off for it.

and here's why it won't happen. the league knows this, and so conspiracy forces will kick in big time. look for extremely officiated games involving shaquille or detroit.