more courtney love news

courtney has to go back to court. this time because she supposedly attacked another musician.
Love, King said, per City News Service, "picked up a [Johnnie Walker] Red Label bottle of whiskey and dumped it all over me...She threw the bottle at the left side of my face. She picked up a big candle that was lit and threw it at the back of my head."The irate rocker allegedly dug her nails into King's arm, leaving a scar, and grabbed King's boob--"the worst pinch I ever had," the woman testified. "I was like, 'Get off me,' and she slapped me across the mouth," King said, adding that Love was "very aggressive, angry, just vicious, erratic." King eventually escaped the purportedly rampaging rocker and alerted police via cell phone.
looks like we're about to enter tonya harding territory here. unfortunately the story doesn't say anything about how this affects her probation. i'm not sure why i feel the need to keep you updated on courtney love. i guess i just can't resist staring at the train wreck.

p.s. don't forget to click on the fantasy link on the tonya harding website for some decidedly un-hot erotica.

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