ok, i'm feeling a little better now

sorry about that last post. now that the redsox have completed the greatest comeback in sports history, not to mention that the yankees completed the greatest choke job in sports history, i have to admit, i'm not as angry as i was a couple of minutes ago. i'm still angry, but right now, i need to revel in the fact that the yankees, a-rod, and derek jeter are complete failures right now. and that one of the most likable baseball teams in recent memory were able to break through. history baby! it's nice when it's about a good thing.

my favorite part about all of this, is imagining what steinbrenner's reaction is going to be. he's going to go crazy i think. i think that he'll decapitate brian cashman and put his head on the gates of yankee stadium. truly, what a great day in baseball history.


Anonymous said...

greatest. win. evah.

i'll keep it short, bob. i just wanted to be the first to say that the yankees will be missed.

the champagne is good. it's a year old, but it's good. despite the fact that i hit rock bottom after game three, you can attest that i came back strong, regrouped, and fought through the last four games. i like to think that they couldn't have done it without me. i love this team. this might be the finest moment of my life. thank you, red sox, thank you, thank you, thank you.

if nothing else, if this doesn't inspire defectors into red sox nation, then maybe this will inspire belief in gamblor, who made the red sox a -200 favorite entering the series. vegas is rarely wrong and even more rarely wrong by as much as the yankees wanted you to believe. long story short, gamblor = good, yankees = evil.

Anonymous said...

i mean seriously. work will have to wait tomorrow. i love you, red sox. sweet johnny damon, this is the best.