the ragin' asian reviews team america

i love south park. i mean i really love it. it's cutting edge social commentary combined with sophmoric humor which only serves to highlight the absurdities that they skewer. that said, i had high hopes for team america. i was thinking that maybe the whole puppet format would work in the same way that the primitive animation in south park worked. anyways, i was extremely disappointed. the social satire was middling at best. consequently, the goofiness of watching the puppets was not nearly enough to carry the movie. there were a few part of the movie that i giggled at. potty humor is always gonna be good for that, but other than that, it was an hour and a half of suck. it almost seems like matt stone and trey parker realized about twenty minutes into filming what a poor concept this was and then just churned out the rest of the movie as fast as they could. also, it was a bit heavy handed. when i say that i mean that it doesn't do a good job of satirizing both sides of whatever issue they were trying to make fun of. it paid a lot more attention to satirizing hollywood's involvement in activism than it did to some of the absurdities of the US' involvement in policing the world, which is where the "world police" part of the title comes from. which if you think about it, is the real proof that this movie wasn't that good. the ragin' asian has gone on record several times in making fun of hollywood douchebags for pretending to give a flying crap about world affairs despite their own whoring themselves out to the hollywood regime.

yeah, it's a short review, but i really don't have anything else to write about this movie except that i want my money back. the weird thing was everyone else in the theater seemed to think that this was the funniest thing since richard pryor. they laughed at all the awkward movements of the puppets. they laughed suring all the scenes where puppets got killed or were having sex or were throwing up. it was like i was at an adam sandler movie or something. maybe it's just me, but it just didn't seem that kind of laugh out oud funny.

anyways, bottom line, if you think puppets are funny go see this movie. if you want good satire, just watch south park.

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