the red sox and gamblor

fredo made a good point in one of his comments about the red sox and the omnipotence of gamblor.
if nothing else, if this doesn't inspire defectors into red sox nation, then maybe this will inspire belief in gamblor, who made the red sox a -200 favorite entering the series. vegas is rarely wrong and even more rarely wrong by as much as the yankees wanted you to believe. long story short, gamblor = good, yankees = evil.
the way that the money line was structured was to basically discourage you from betting on the sox. i'm not sure what the money line on the yankees was, so it's hard to know if the return was high enough to encourage people to bet on the yankees. however, i suppose by definition, discouraging you to bet on the red sox usually means good action the other way. in any case, a 50% return is definitely enough to get most bettors to find some better action. after the red sox lose the first two games, i can only imagine the amount of action that vegas got on the yanks. i seriously doubt that they took any bets after 3-0. however, in the end, vegas was right and they probably made a bundle.

anyways, fredo's point that i'm trying to acknowledge is that gamblor is all-seeing and all-knowing. we'd be smart to put our faith in him. thanks be to gamblor. amen.


Anonymous said...

hey bob-

since you were wondering, the yankees had opened at +175 at the venetian where i saw the red sox at -200. a couple of hours later it was something like red sox -175 and yankees +140.

Bob said...

which actually really proves our point. so the yanks start at +175, but then since the books were getting so much action on the yanks, they lowered the line to +140. i could be wrong, here but that 35 bucks seems like a huge jump to me, meaning that they got a shitload of action on the yanks. but vegas was smart and still kept the sox as the favorite. shame on those people for not worshipping at the altar of gamblor.