a-rod the a-hole

i know that i wasn't the first to blog about this and i certainly won't be the last, but here is undisputable material evidence of three things:

1) alex rodriguez looks very effeminate when swatting the ball away from a fielder.

2) alex rodriguez is a sorry human being. when he was with the rangers, i was on board because of his talent, but i always thought that he was never fully leveling with us and being the typical company man. his behavior last night is indicative of one of the things that i like least from people who play or are involved with the management of a professional sports team. if you remember last night, a-rod hits the grounder and then blatantly swats the ball out of arroyo's glove as he is about to get tagged out. the ump misses the call, and jeter scores from first and a-rod races to second as the ball squirts around. francona comes out to argue and the umpire crew confers for about twenty seconds and then makes the obvious call, runner interference, a-rod is out and then jeter has to go back to first. then a-rod puts both of his arms out at ninety degree angles from his body and then has this look on his face as if he can't believe that anyone would dare accuse him of committing such a sorry act. anyways, this behavior, aside from obviously being "what about me?", it is indicative of a greater sports phenomenon. and that's when players, managers, gm's, and people of that ilk treat the average fan like we're a bunch of idiots. how can he possibly defend his actions as not cheating. the replay last night showed it over and over. the natural motion that his hands made was running, abruptly stopped, the arm was raised and the palm was opened up and then went straight down towards the glove. cheater cheater pumpkin eater. anyways, we see this behavior often in the form of coaches telling reporters that we just don't understand the game, especially if the reporter questions anything that the team or organization does in a negative manner. actually now that i think about it, the irony of this all is that a-rod probably learned this behavior from his former manager buck showalter, who is one of the people who engage in this kind of chicanery. if you think about it, it's really not that different from political spin in that the spin both preserve the outward integrity of whichever part (candidate, player, administration, manager) of a social institution, after a public gaffe. either way it sucks and it's sorry and as jon stewart says, it's hurting america.

anyways, i haven't even read any of the stories so i can't even imagine what sorry excuses that he is going to offer. and make no mistake, he won't admit that he was cheating. i'll post the good and sorry quotes later as i find them. oh hey i just found one
I was kind of perplexed by it. I don't know what I was trying to do. I know he was coming and I know that the line is mine. They said I could've run him over, but I went out of my way. Looking back at it, I probably should've just run him over.
god, what an a-hole! also, i am of the opinion that major league baseball should take disciplinary action. i know that they won't, but think about it, how different is this from say, scuffing the ball or corking your bat. you're making a deliberate attempt to subvert the natural flow of competition.

don't get me started on the sorriness of yankees' fans.

3) thanks to the sorriness of alex rodriguez, the yankees have some bad karma coming their way. like kanye west says, it's history in the making. how about one more look at the crime.


Erik said...

I Believe!

Great post, Bob. Nice to finally see something slightly important on your blog. Although the Barney singing Tupac thing also was pretty great.

molly said...

excellent overview of how gay (in a bad way) the yankees are and further proof that the sox are destined to win....if they lose tonight, remember that i'm not actually from boston or anything.