if you haven't seen this yet, here is eminem's new video for a song called "mosh". you really should watch it yourself, but the quick story is that it is a progressive political statement to get bush out of office. on oliver wang's blog, pop life, where i first saw this, there are some interesting thoughts on how things have changed in hip-hop and the divide between socially conscious hip-hop and commmercial hip-hop has lessened considerably. he writes:
Here's the 2004 scorecard. Two of the most "political" statements made by rappers this year did NOT come from the expected voices like Talib Kweli and Mos Def. Instead, we have Jadakiss with "Why?" and Eminem with "Mosh." Add to that Jay-Z guesting with Dead Prez, Sean Combs urging MTV viewers to "Vote or Die," and Trick Daddy registering voters (again) and hip-hop's visible political order now seems completely out of whack with expectations.
but that's not what i want to blog about.

eminem is such an enigma. when i heard the other single, just lose it, off of his upcoming album, i was less than impressed. no real hook and same ol' i'm-crazy-but-for-the-right-reasons lyrical content. it bored me and i just figured that this might be the end of the line for good ol' slim shady. but now after hearing this, it turns out that eminem might have some contributions to make after all. i guess what i'm trying to say is that i never really bought the "i'm truly angry and this is where my music comes from" angle from eminem. i just figured that it was all part of the image that dr. dre dreamed up for him. but now i'm starting to wonder if he actually is angry. and if so, in my book that gives him a lot more credibility as an artist. i'm not sure that he's doing it on purpose or anything, but in the bigger picture, i think that it's the shrewd business move to make, reinventing yourself.

meta-blog note: i've decided to start giving credit to the sources of any links that i give out. especially when they come from other blogs. i used to think that it really didn't matter because it seemed everyone just stole shit from everyone else. and since we've learned that the web is one of the hardest places to police anything, no one seems to care about this kind of thing. and can you blame them? after the ashlee simpson SNL thing, it was all over the net. every blog, and i mean every blog weighed in and had a link to the movie which was hosted by collegehumor.com. now do you think that everyone simultaneously went to collegehumor.com saw the video and blogged within the same two hour time frame? of course not. so on the one hand, it's not a problem, because that kind of stuff is going to get out there no matter what and no one is really trying to scoop anyone else. however, on the better blogs that i read, they usually give credit where credit is due, so i want to strive for that golden ring. besides, the more that i think about it, the more it just seems like the right thing to do. now you may ask yourself, well dammit bob, why should i read your blog if i can get the same shit elsewhere? i'll tell you why, because you won't be able to to get the unique and ragin' and not to mention asian perspective that i bring to the table anywhere else. same goes for all you ladies out there too. once you go asian...ahh never mind.

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