starting to like jerry rice less and less

in addition to having to watch a legend suck and watch him whine until he got traded, i found out something else that seems to be indicative of a trend of overall sorriness. uni-watch, another espn.com page 2 column wrote about rice and his uniform situation with his new team the seahawks. it's at the bottom of the column, if you want to read it for yourself, but here is the pertinent text.
Uni Watch's recent examination of retired numbers gained a bit of extra resonance this week when Jerry Rice was traded to the Seahawks. Rice has worn uni number 80 for his entire career, first with the 49ers and then with the Raiders. But the Seahawks retired that number in 1995, in honor of Steve Largent. Given Rice's recent temper tantrums regarding playing time and the loss of his consecutive-game reception streak, how would he react to having to wear an unfamiliar number? Not to worry. Calls were made, permission from Largent was requested and received, and Rice will be wearing number 80 after all.
first off, let me say, yes, i know that jerry rice is the greatest receiver, possibly the greatest football player of all time. however, it's not like steve largent totally sucked ass. they retired his number for a reason and if i were a seahawks fan, i'd be pissed off. what if vinnie testaverde said to jerry jones, "i want to wear number 12, could you please call roger staubach and let him know i'm going to piss all over his legacy?" the seahawks have sold out here. what's really bad about this is that i doubt rice will be able to help them much.

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