superman isn't dead, but christopher reeve sure as hell is.

actor christopher reeve died last night.

i've actually been wanting to make this rant for a while now. let me start off with a disclaimer that i'm about to make some extremely dark comments that many of you will think that i will go straight to hell for. for those of you who think that, i've got news for you. i punched that ticket to hell a long time ago, so all this other bs is just gravy for me. the rest of you, sit back for something that you've probably already heard me talk about before.

anyways, i always thought that it was really stupid that the press and other people made such a big deal about christopher reeve falling of his horse and becoming paralyzed. i mean of course it's sad, but come on, it's not like al pacino fell of a horse and became paralyzed. we're talking about christopher reeve here! what did he ever do besides the superman movies? and i mean really, did anyone see superman IV? one could reasonably say that he had it coming for making such a piss poor movie. for someone to make such an insignificant contribution, yet so much attention was diverted to, speaks of some social force at work. and let me tell you what that social force is.

i call it, "the parade of the cripples". the media, television especially, likes nothing more than to roll out someone in a wheelchair to try and elicit false sympathy from the viewers. i call it false sympathy because it is just that. we care no more or no less about people who can't use their arms and legs than say someone who is homeless. the fact is, we like to look at that person and feel sorry for that person because it makes us feel better about ourselves. believe me, if we really cared about this kind of stuff, we'd put a lot more effort into volunteering for foundations or donating more money towards these causes. but i can almost guarantee you that the vast majority of americans haven't done jackshit in these areas.

what i also think is kinda f-ed up is how christopher reeve was supposed to be some kind of beacon of hope for others who were in the same wheelchair, if you will. if you saw the presidential debate on friday then you will remember that john kerry made reference to christopher reeeve when talking about stem cell research. i'm not sure how this happened, but somehow christopher reeve became a symbol of hope that we might be able to manipulate our bodies to the point where we could do whatever the hell we want without any consequences. anyways, tell me now that he's died, is there no hope? have we invested so much in christopher reeve that his passing can only tell us that we as a society really aren't interested in really trying to cure paraplegism? that is what it should tell us, but i suspect that we'll find some other half-hearted cause to glomb on to that makes us feel better about ourselves. that's what we do as humans in our never ending search to find the answer to the question, "what about me?"

don't get me wrong, of course it's sad that someone died early. but i'm just saying that we care less than you might think. besides, a former NL MVP just died, isn't that just as important?


Anonymous said...

christopher "superman" reeve died last night. This mind-boggling occasion has seemingly spun the entertainment world in reverse on its axis as hollywood has come to a screeching halt. all of the films that superman had in production are probably lost unless the magicians of pixar entertainment can create cgi likeness that can act circles around its real-life peers. fat chance, misters speilberg and lucas, fat fucking chance. and so superman will join a pantheon of other dead superheroes, such as hawkman, marlon brando, "iceman" king parsons and the wonder twins on mount olympus where he will patiently await the demise of his good friend val "the batman" kilmer. be not proud, lex luthor. hollywood is a much darker place without its brightest star. goodbye, crippled superman, goodbye.

Bob said...

a deeply touching eulogy from someone who obviously loved this man. or from someone who loved f-ing people in wheelchairs.