U2 doesn't sell out again

apple is releasing a U2 themed iPod.

i know what you are all thinking, that this marks the second time that U2 has sold out. but let's break down that statement a little shall we?

first off, U2 never sold out in the first place. to be honest, i'm really not sure where this notion ever came from. the only guess that i can offer is that when they went experimental and electronic with zooropa and pop, that they were kowtowing to some zeitgeist that said that electronica was the "in" music. both of those albums in my mind were categorically not electronica and in fact, in my opinion, a few of U2's greatest songs (specifically lemon from zooropa and please from pop) came from these albums. i never understood the charge of selling out just because an artist wants to try something new. sure some of the results were mixed, but i think that because U2 were so successful, they were just an easy target. what do people expect them to do, make the joshua tree over and over again? one of my favorite quotes from bono is when asked about what he thought about radiohead going experimental with kid a, he replied something to the effect of, "we've been doing kid a for the past ten years." anyways, the point is, U2 put out albums that had relevant music that did enjoy a broader audience because of a hybrid style. and i am guessing that is what irked some people. that argument never really flies with me either, when people stop liking bands because other people like them. i have a theory that what they're really saying is, i don't like them because non-white people like them now. but that's another discussion/research project.

second, my logic is that apple is seen as the more innovative and grassroots of the computer companies that they're actually working as always to upset the order of the world. if they teamed up with microsoft then maybe they'd be selling out. plus they're promoting digital music, which is has revolutionary potential in itself. so they're good business people, that doesn't make them sellouts.

anyways, the new iPods are supposed to have 60GB worth of space and have a better battery life, which makes it more and more tempting for me to get, but that $600 price tag will probably delay the arrival of iBob for a few more months.

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