1 divided by 5 = 0.2

that means 20% of the nation's NCAA Div I black football coaches got axed when notre dame fired ty willingham. at the beginning of the year there were five, now there are only two. ty willingham, although lauded by everyone as a class act, tyrone ultimately couldn't turn around the most storied football program in history fast enough.

it's a tough thing to analyze in terms of race, because the firing is not out of the ordinary in the win now world of the NCAA. the irish went 6-5 so it's not like he was fired for no reason. on the other hand, it should be noted that his white predecessor bob davie had a nearly identical record of 21-16 (willingham went 21-15) after three years. yet davie managed to keep the job for another 2 years. i'm not saying race is the only factor here, but it is interesting that the black coach got a shorter leash.

i suppose this situation of any big time college program, but it certainly does not seem to be enough to be a good coach who does nothing but carry himself in a dignified manner. i wonder how long a jackass like bobby bowden or steve spurrier would've lasted at notre dame. anyways, i'm very curious to see how long the two remaining black coaches (karl dorrell at UCLA and sylvester croom at mississippi state) can last at those two football crazy schools.


christmas: another excuse to say "what about me?"

you know the house in your neighborhood that puts up a zillion lights on their house for christmas? every neighborhood has one house that goes completely overboard and creates a monstosity with their garish christmas light display. well one neighbor decided to pull the plug on some norcal guy's parade of lights. according to the story, a family (disclaimer: the family has a vietnamese surname) complained about some guys ridiculous christmas display and got the city to pass an ordinance that limited this yuletide nonsense.

so the guy had a 50 foot grinch constructed with a finger pointing to his neighbor's house. he then has the gall to say that all he was doing was providing some kind of community service with his materialistic rendering of christmas. here's his ridiculous quote:
When I grew up, people decorated everything -- it was wonderful to be a kid. If you can't even put up a display these days, what kind of people have we become?
hey a-hole, you can put up a display without wasting all that money on your narcissistic display. the truth is he got a lot of attention from people for doing something only someone who didn't understand the true spirit of christmas would do. think of all the money that he spends on his electric bill alone. couldn't he buy a bunch of toys for needy kids or something? tell me, what kind of people have we become where celebrating christmas means making life miserable for your neighbors. no instead, he decides to declare loudly and clearly to the world, "look at me!" the article says that after he looked at the paperwork involved in getting a permit for his stupid display, he decided it wasn't worth the trouble. oh but wait, a-hole. i mean what kind of jerk lets a little bit of paper work get in the way of the christmas spirit? i tell you what kind of jerk, the kind of jerk who isn't interested in providing christmas cheer as he is in saying, "what about me?" what an a-hole.

i'll post pictures of the house in our neighborhood once those a-holes get their stupid display set up.


bobby the gook, week 12

i've got a giant head cold, so i'm going to do this while i'm at work so that when i get home i can just take some nyquil and crash. anyways, if i suck this week, i blame it on the germs. last week: me - 7-8-1, season 84-71-4 (.542); fredo 8-7-1, season 82-73-4 (.529). point spreads from caesar's/hilton, home team in bold.

IND (-9) over DET
what the hell is going on with peyton manning? those numbers are just ridiculous. last week, however, the lions finally showed something with their running game, and covered by the way. does that make me think they've got it turned around? of course not, this is pretty much a no brainer.

DAL (-3.5) over CHI
in this battle of two crappy teams with rookie qbs, i should be taking the points, but hey it's thanksgiving. i can't pick against the home team.

BAL (+7) over NE
i'm actually pretty torn on this. while it's pretty clear that the pats are the better team here, i just think they may be ripe for some kind of let down. someone's got to be able to stop the new england offense, baltimore seems up to the task.

PHI (-7) over NYG
yeah, you just keep trotting out eli manning and see where that gets ya with the bettors. 50 bucks on the eagles (5-6 on the big bet).

WAS (+11) over PIT
pittsburgh didn't show me a whole lot last week against a clearly inferior team. i smell upset here.

CIN (-5.5) over CLE
good lord who the f cares about ohio? maybe if they stopped putting their efforts into crappy football teams and putting it into defeating bush, we could get out of this quagmire. f ohio.

JAX (+6) over MIN
minnesota has just been so spotty this year. this is just the kind of game to kill their momentum, yet again. of course, moss being out doesn't help.

TB (-2) over CAR
vegas is deferring too much to the panthers here. sure they've played well against two crappy teams. but that doesn't change the fact that they have nate goings running the ball.

SD (-2) over KC
i don't know about this one really. kc at home? it might be the end of the line for the chargers here. but they've done nothing but cover this year, no sense in stopping now.

HOU (+1.5) over TEN
dammit, when is houston going to f-ing cover.

ATL (-9.5) over NO
man that's a lot of points. but i actually got to watch alot of the falcons game last week and vick looks as comfortable as i've seen him all year.

NYJ (-3) over ARI
as bad as mccown was, shaun king is no improvement. this has got the makings of some really unwatchable football. and with my luck, it will be the one televised here on the central coast.

SEA (-5) over BUF
i don't really don't know what to think here. i just can't imagine bledsoe putting it together for more than one game in a row. dilfer looked a lot like matt hasselback though didn't he?

MIA (+1.5) over SF

DEN (+11) over OAK
the raiders looked horrrrrrrrrible last week. i can't see them going to denver and even scoring in this one.

GB (-6) over STL
farvre on monday night? well, that wasn't hard.


dangerous dan retiring

dan rather is retiring in march. which makes me, and should make you sad. he may have not been your typical stoic rock like jennings of brokaw, but he sure was the most entertaining of the three major network anchors. the article says that it has nothing to do with the whole fabricated memo thing, but i'm sure it didn't help.

anyways, here is a collection of his back-porch witticisms from this year's election coverage.

baby arm!

this isn't funny. no i mean it, it's not funny at all.


buffalo a-hole

colorado university's athletic director, dick tharp resigned.

as you may already know, it's been a rough year for CU athletics. what gets me is this quote from tharp
The record will show that I performed my duties responsibly and in the best interests of the Department of Athletics and the University of Colorado
no a-hole, the record of women getting raped by the football team on a regular basis on your watch showed that you didn't perform your duties responsibly. hey erik, should we suspend dick tharp for life too?

terrell owens vs. ron artest

this one is going to be a long one kids, so buckle up.

as you might imagine, the past week's events in the NFL and the NBA have my little sports sociology brain kicked into overdrive. between all of this and the vibe awards, i think that it's safe to say that the black male image has taken quite a hit this past week. also safe to say, every single sports columnists is weighing in on what happened last weekend in detroit. i'm just going to free write here so i'm not sure what i'm about to say.

you can probably guess that i have been pondering what role race has to play in all of this stuff. i've already made known how i think race might be involved with the T.O. thing. it's interesting to see peter king's reaction to tony dungy's comments in this week's monday morning quarterback column. he writes:
Good job, Tony Dungy. I'm not sure this is very much a racial story, but I applaud that while the vast majority of NFL people sit on their hands about this one, you have the conscience and guts to tell ABC to fry ice.
it's a curious quote. on the one hand, he's praising dungy for standing up to the league, but on the other hand, king, in a very oblique back-handed way is accusing dungy of playing the race card. what makes this transparent ploy even worse is that earlier in the column, he praises eli manning's first start of his NFL career
Third quarter. Manning had just thrown his first NFL touchdown pass, a six-yarder to Jeremy Shockey. But the rookie didn't run into the end zone and leap into Shockey's arms, or act overly excited. Manning simply jogged back to the bench and accepted congratulations from his teammates. Meanwhile Shockey spiked the ball in the end zone, and it bounded toward the end line. Ike Hilliard went and got the ball. Near the sideline, Hilliard gave it to Shockey, who presented it to Manning. With that odd, sort of sour look on his face -- first impressions are that he's just so flatline that nothing fazes him -- Manning took the pigskin like it was a practice ball in a May mini-camp drill.

"I saw that," said Mora, "and I just thought how impressive it was. It was like, 'There's more to do.'"
what's interesting here is how manning performs on the field makes up for his sorriness off the field. it's as if he's somehow forgotten about the whole draft fiasco (manning basically refused to play for the team that was going to draft him and forced the chargers to trade him to the giants), which if you think about it, is sort of a textbook me-first-spoiled-athlete archetype that sports writers are so quick to criticize. but when a black athlete does something, no one remembers that T.O. has been playing like a real man this year (13TDs, 908 yds though 10 games). so while T.O. has been doing nothing but helping his team win, which is the uber-goal of sports, they get on him for dancing in the end zone, and then filming a promo which his white management let him do. don't get me wrong here, king criticizes eagles management for letting T.O. even get involved with this, and i actually think that king is usually ok at spotting when race is a factor. however, it should be noted that he's quick to hand out praise to this white player who has done squat in the league and from my point of view, comes from a long lineage of sorriness (peyton and archie), and whose most notable press thus far is his crybabying his way out of san diego. i guess my point is that how race figures into the discourse is somewhat complicated. sometimes it's more obvious than others, but just because it's not there in every instance doesn't mean it's an important part of structuing the discourse around sports and the black athlete, which leads us to...

ron artest getting fired for the season. tons of great print out there for this. marc stein of espn.com says that the suspensions are a result of nba commish david stern asserting his authority. bill conlin of the philadelphia daily news writes that the brawl was a reflection on the moral degradation of society, and jason whitlock of the kansas city star writes that black players need to watch themselves (don't forget, for logins to the registration required sites go to bugmenot.com). it's all so crazy to see unfold. anyways, on to the good quotes.

bill conlin ends his column with this:
And us? What about us?

America in general and American sports in particular is in the same state of pampered, luxury-sated decadence as the Roman Empire in its final days of "Look At Us" grandeur. The barbarians at Rome's gates were the Visigoths, the Huns and the other lean and hungry subjects of the Empire.

We have 9/11, bin Laden and the al Qaeda. Our Visigoths and Huns are millions of Islamic fundamentalists and millions more around the rest of the world who hate our wealth and arrogance just a little less than the mullahs of Iraq.

The NBA brawl is just the latest boil to erupt, a big, festering flashpoint that will distract our attention from a much bigger and uglier picture of ourselves.
what makes this good is what he wrote earlier in the column
So, yeah, the media blingmeisters offered, NBA players really have to put up with intolerable circumstances to make a living, the incredible heaviness of being. It's so bad, a man can't even pull into a handicapped parking spot in his stretch Hummer and treat his posse to Cristal shooters and Beluga Caviar without some fool getting in his face.
again, the method of message communication is oblique, but the message basically is, the decline of society is somehow linked to the NBA culture going hip-hop, which i hope that we all know by know is code for black culture = bad. seriously, he's comparing the NBA to the roman empire and black culture to the huns and the visigoths! god bless old white sports writers.

whitlock is much more direct with his take on how race plays into all of this:
American sports fans, particularly those who consistently shell out the hundreds of dollars it takes to attend a professional game, are fed up with black professional basketball players in particular and black professional athletes to a lesser degree.

What the players must come to grips with is that just because race is an element in the backlash, that doesn't mean the backlash is fueled by racism.

We're witnessing a clash of cultures. A predominately white fan base is rejecting a predominately black style of play and sportsmanship.

Who is on the right side of this argument? The group that is always right in a capitalistic society. The customer. That's why Stern, endorsed by his owners, came down hard on the players. He stated that the NBA would take steps to ensure that its fans improved their behavior. But Stern knows the real solutions are in the hands of his players. A good businessman caters to his audience. They don't play country music at my dad's inner-city bar for a reason.
which again, is made all the more interesting by what he writes elsewhere in the same column
We, black people, begged for integration. We demanded the right to play in the major leagues, the NBA, the NFL, the NHL. These leagues accommodate a white audience. As long as the customer base is white, the standard for appropriate sportsmanship, style of play and appearance should be set by white people.

This is fair, particularly when the athletes/employees earn millions of dollars and have the freedom to do whatever — and I mean whatever — they want when they're not playing or practicing.

If African-American players are unwilling to accept this reality, NBA owners will speed up the internationalization of their team's rosters. Many African-American players with NBA-quality skill will soon find themselves circling the country playing basketball with Hot Sauce and the And 1 Tour while Yao Nowitzki collects a $10 million NBA check.

The black players will have no one to blame but themselves.
dammit, isn't sports great? it's so filled with contradiction and complex power dynamics. which is why i have chosen it to be my field of study within sociology. anyways, so what whitlock is saying is that sports is inherently racist, so to survive, black players need to dance for whitey! all this coming from a black writer!

good lord this is a lot of rambling. anyways, here's the point. the actual events of sports may or may not have anything to do with race. sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. with these two incidents, it's hard to say. it's very conceivable that the abc producers very much wanted to use a big black guy to add extra sexuality to the desperate housewives promo, but it's also entirely possible that they wanted to pick the player with the most personality to do the promo, and T.O. is overwhelmingly the obvious choice. maybe those white fans threw the cup at artest because in their heads they feel that sports is a place where they can do whatever they want if black people don't fulfill their expectations. but it's also possible that ron artest was a timebomb waiting to click and some super drunk fans picked the wrong time to be jackasses.

what is clear is that the interpretation by fans and the media always have something to do with race. it's one of the fundamental axes on which sports is built (masculinity is the other big one). both owens and artest are at the center of events which break one sports code or the other, but all of the criticism has been framed in a "step n fetch" way. why can't these black athletes which we pay so much money just do exactly as they're told and not remind us that we're racists? and as my synonomic brother, the angry asian man says, that's racist sucka!

lastly, i'm still formulating my full opinion on whether or not the sanctions that the league dished out to artest and company are "fair" (as if such a thing could ever really be determined), but right now i'm landing on the side of too harsh. the actions are clearly very bad and unprecedented and fines and suspensions should be handed out, but artest is clearly being used to set an example and as a scapegoat. detroit security is just as responsible. should they all be fired? i mean we can always go back to "artest shouldn't have, but the fan shouldn't have", and all that stuff, but my roommate's reaction of "he should be suspended for the rest of his life" is ludicrous. should we ban the detroit pistons for making basketball so unwatchable then? that's done more to hurt the game then what artest did. international spectacle? f the rest of the world. we don't care what they do with soccer hooligans, so they can go f themselves. he also entertains some logic of "he has a history". well people in the middle east have a history of cutting people's heads off when they're provoked, should we ban them for the rest of their lives?


holy cow

ron artest got suspended for the rest of the f-in season. good lord, i knew that the hammer was coming, but i didn't expect anything like this. i have a lot to say, but i don't have the time right now to commit everything to print, but here are two things that i can say quickly about this whole deal. 1) ron artest is a gigantic headcase. watch the video again, and see how he goes from calm and collected after a minor dustup with ben wallace to raging maniac in a matter of seconds. 2) the pacers are done. they go from a title contender to fighting to get the last playoff spot just like that. i'm not sure if the suspensions will hold up (i think they're too harsh if you were wondering), but not having o'neal and artest for the next couple of months is like the bulls of the nineties not having jordan and pippen. all that's left are a a bunch of dudes that were pretty good in college.

i think alfredo said it best, "the nba is saying, 'screw with business, and you're gonna pay, but you can rape as many people in the offseason as you want.'"


here ya go, you big pervs

statcounter tells me that my blog traffic has increased to due to numerous searches for the terrell owens/nicollette sheridan video. well, here it is, courtesy of ifilm.com. and i can guarantee that most of you perverts are gonna be disappointed. if you're looking for T & A, there's plenty of it to find on the internet, but not in the clip. there's nothing really special (or controversial for that matter) to be found here.

for some reason, the ifilm website causes firefox to crash on my computer. if you want to see it, you're gonna have to cut and paste this link: http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2656474 in another browser.

p.s. the ifilm website is pretty cool and has a bunch of streaming video goodies, including a blottoed anna nicole smith at the american music awards. (IE link for firefox users: http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2655657


bobby the gook, week 11

back to my sucking ways...another bad week in the picks, pool, and fantasy football. fredo made up a lot of ground. it really pisses me off. anyways, last week: me - 6-8, season - 77-63-3 (.550); fredo - 9-5, season - 74-66-3 (.523). point spreads from caesar's/hilton, home team in bold.

BUF (+1.5) over STL
ummm, i guess i like home dogs this close. st louis won last week but weren't very impressive. and the bills just got trounced by the pats, but i think that mcgahee bounces back nicely here.

DAL (+8.5) over BAL
is baltimore that good? it looks like the cowboys are sticking with vinnie, which is the wrong thing to do from a franchise standpoint, but as far as covering the spread, it's the right move. despite getting killed by philly last week, the offense looked like they could move the ball just a little bit. true baltimore's secondary is better, but i don't think that enough points are going to be scored to cover this spread. and seriously, how many eggs can a parcells team lay in a row?

CLE (-1) over NYJ
i really have no feel for this game, so i'll take the home team.

PIT (-5) over CIN
did you see the gag that chad johnson had when he told people to bring money to cover the fine he's going to get for his touchdown celebration. it's a good gag, but he neesd to get in the end zone a little more often to really pull this kind of bs off.

CHI (+7.5) over IND
what can i say, the bears defense is really really good. sure their offense stinks, but i get the feeling that peyton won't play as good in the cold weather. he'll still throw a couple of touchdowns but i think that the bears offense will be able to run on the colts. this is not a very smart pick.

MIN (-7.5) over DET
culpepper is good isn't he? the vikes were one bad call away from beating the packers last week. anyways, remember earlier in the season when i said that joey harrington is going to nothing more than a serviceable quarterback. i was wrong. he sucks.

AZ (+2) over CAR
why can't the cards get any respect. that defense is good! emmitt is playing well! carolina did go nuts against the niners in the second half, but that all seems fluky to me. bad team, only one good half...yeah, i'll take the cards straight up here.

JAX (-3.5) over TEN
i just found out that some guy named greg taylor is going to be the short yardage back for the jags, which further puts my fantasy football team in hell since i have fred taylor. as for the titans, if the bears beat you, i'm not picking you again until you show me something.

TB (-8) over SF
not that the bucs are really that good, but they're definitely good enough to beat the niners. fifty bucs, get it? buccaneers...bucks...never mind (4-6 on the big bet).

NO (+4.5) over DEN
the saints are the most maddening team to pick in the league. inconsistency is what this team is all about. who knew that they could beat the chiefs last week? i don't know, i wouldn't bet any saints games, but if i did, i guess that homefield here works to their advantage.

MIA (+10) over SEA
man, screw the hawks. i think that miami's secondary will be good enough to cover the sorriness of the hawks recievers which will allow the linebackers to play the run. lower your expectations for shaun alexander this week if you have him on your squad.

SD (-4) over OAK
maybe this ought to be the fifty dollar game of the week, i don't know. however, there is one thing to beware. a few years ago, san diego started the year pretty hot, and then after the bye, they sucked ass. can drew brees who has done jack-bitch in his NFL career really keep this going? it's a contract year, so i guess why not.

ATL (-3) over NYG
hmmmmm.....i'm not sure how the falcons got to be 7-2, since i feel they've been inconsistent all year, but with eli starting, the atlanta d will shine here. this is the completely wrong move by coughlin by the way. i'm pretty sure that the hawks will be able to smell the desperation and make eli manning pay for the sorriness of his older brother.

PHI (-10.5) over WAS
the skins actually have the same problem (sorta) that the cowboys have, not that great a running game. ramsey is finally taking over for the alliterative brutal brunell, but that still won't make a difference in the running game.

HOU (+3) over GB
ughh, i don't know about this one either. either houston just out and out sucks and got lucky a few times earlier in the season or they're starting to make strides in the right direction. i'd like to think that david carr and andre johnson are good enough to justify the latter here. late-season-home-dogs theory in play here as well.

NE (-3) over KC
i know, i know, i just got through recommending that you take home dogs late in the season, but without priest holmes, the chiefs can't keep that horrible defense off the field enough. the pats roll here in a high scoring game.


more on the T.O./desperate housewives scandal

seriously people, do you know how ridiculous it is that i even had to type "T.O./desperate housewives scandal"?

indy's head coach tony dungy decided to chime in and say that he was thought that terrell owens segment was somewhat racist in that it depicted black athletes as sexual predators.

ok a few things. dungy's got a point, but i think his ire is directed in the wrong direction. sure abc played up the racial discourse of black man as a hypersexual subject, but really, is that anything new? i mean, isn't one of the reasons that the NFL is so popular is this whole homoerotic thing that's going on with football and sports in general? i think that dungy should be mad as the kind of outrage that people are expressing. no one will say it, but one of the reasons that everyone is so put off is because it's a black dude stealing away a white woman. if you need a lesson on the history of this discourse, i just don't have the time. read any sociology book on race and you'll find that this stuff has been going on for centuries. of course, the naked lady in the commercial was shocking, but add to that a visual depiction of white people's worst fears, a black guy carrying away a white woman to have sex with her, and then you get people getting pissy and calling the FCC.

second point, michael powell, the FCC chairman, is a douchebag. here's his quote:
I wonder if Walt Disney would be proud. (disney owns abc)
you mean the same walt disney who blacklisted communists during the red scare and openly discriminated against jewish people? puh-leeze. what an asinine remark. i wonder what mlk or malcolm x would think of your bugie-uncle-tom ass.


i would've much rather seen terrell owens naked

so the big brouhaha over the mnf intro with a naked housewife jumping into terrell owens arms has the NFL PO'd at TO (i thought of that one all by myself). no need to comment really. here's a column by jason whitlock about the whole deal. i'm really not sure what he's trying to say. and i think it is because he doesn't specifically mention race as a factor in the way that the NFL handles things, although he does obtusely hint around it. i don't know, the reaction seems par for the course for the NFL. they, more than any other sports league aggresively police their public image, so i don't see what the outrage against the NFL is all about myself. of course, the outrage directed at ABC by the NFL is unwarranted as well, but that whole line of rhetoric wore itself out two weeks after the whole janet jackson thing. honestly, i just wish it was me that caught a naked nicolette sheridan.

new U2 album available for streaming

in all of his benevolent greatness, king bono has seen it fit to allow the people to listen to the new U2 album in its entirety on mtv.com. i'm listening to it as i type, and you can imagine how crazy my rock 'n' roll parts are right now.


halloween pic

all right, here it is. just so you know what i'm doing, i took the picture of my reflection in the bathroom mirror with my cell phone, so that's why i'm holding it up like that.


bobby the gook, week 10

wooooooooo! rough draft of thesis done. time to start thinking about football. last week, i actually did pretty decent to help turnaround this thing. let's hope the cowboys can do the same. last week: me 8-6, season 71-55-3 (.611); fredo 6-8, season 65-61-3 (.516). hey fredo, you've been treading water so long, you're ready to become a lifeguard now! as always, point spreads from caesar's/hilton, home team in bold.

BAL (-1) over NYJ
don't get me wrong, i love the q-car as much as anyone, but he had a tendency to suck against sophisticated defenses like the one that the ravens have. by the way, i'd kill to have quincy back on the cowboys right now.

PIT (-3.5) over CLE
this one's not even funny. i haven't seen the steelers play this year yet, but beating philly and the pats in two consecutive weeks, how can you argue?

HOU (+9) over IND
ughhh. i'm not sure why i'm going with the dogs here, especially after they sucked against the broncos last week. indy's defense still isn't that good, and i think houston is good enough to hang. carr looks good on turf too.

TEN (-6) over CHI
break up the bears! krenzel for president. who knows what's happened the last two weeks, but you can't like the bears unless they're getting at least seven.

ATL (-4) over TB
ughhh part 2. i guess tampa bay is the hot team. but i read somewhere that the falcons have been practicing the shotgun all week. which fredo astutely points out lends itself to a lot of wild ass scrambling. and with vick doing said wild ass scrambling, i think they'll be fine.

DET (+3.5) over JAX
i really need to stop taking the lions. but i think i've seen enough chinks in the jags armour to pencil them in as a wildcard loser this year. by the way, did you see that one-hand catch roy williams made last week. athletic.

SEA (PK) over STL
well, i guess we saw how important that home dome advantage was for the rams last week. umm, i guess i'll try to will the seahawks back to respectability here.

KC (-4) over NO
surely the chiefs are better than they were against buccaneers? aren't they? although, i think that priest holmes is out this week. dammit, i took KC in the pool.

WAS (-3.5) over CIN
dammit, i took cinci in the pool too. i'll go with the cowboys suck and that's why cinnci looked good last week. god still hates joe gibbs, but i think he might hate carson palmer more.

GB (-4) over MIN
no moss, no win.

ARI (-2) over NYG
the cards are just the team to drive the nail in the coffin for the giants and their sorry coach tom coughlin. by the way, is emmitt smith playing well or what? i hope that he plays well the rest of the year and then retires. and then he, cocaine mike, and troy boy can start making those gay porn movies.

SF (-1) over CAR
was i right about the superbowl hangover or what?

NE (-7.5) over BUF
son of parcells is a genius. never mind the whole troy brown thing, and never mind the vinateri trick TD. corners are out? blitz like hell. and blitz + bledsoe = :( = 50 bucks (3-6 on the big bet)

PHI (-6.5) over DAL
i've feared this day since the season began. the only thing you can do on the eagles is run, and the cowboys can't run. i've decided that the best thing that the cowboys can do now is position themselves to take adrian peterson when he comes out. if i could, i'd put another 50 bucks on this one, but the whole equation thing above just reads better.


quick hits

ok, i've really got to work on my thesis, so i'll just give you some quick hits.

1) more courtney love stuff: nothing too exciting, other than she's pleading innocent to beating up another musician. i guess i knew this, but the E!online article really slammed it home for me. she's involved in four different court proceedings right now. poor frances.

2) U2 is releasing their album via MTV: i'm a little disappointed in U2's stance on this whole thing. i'm cool with rushing the release of the album, but their stance against file sharing is dumb. i bought the single, the iTunes download, and i'll buy the album. they have nothing to worry about as far as not making money on this album.

3) backdoor draft update: the army is not sending that guy that i wrote about a few days ago to iraq. thank god. keep your eye out though, no telling how many other people are in the same situation. on a related note, i actually got an email from zentronix thanking me for posting about this story (the guy who got recalled is zentronix's cousin). i feel validated and my complex about being a part of the quasi-asian-pop-culture-blogger community is doing much better now.

4) a bunch of ABC affiliates are not going to show saving private ryan tonight because they're scared of possible FCC fines. it's a weird situation, because clearly, showing saving private ryan in its unedited form will violate FCC rules. however, i doubt sincerely that the FCC will hand out fines to the affiliates that do show it. if you thought that the janet jackson backlash was bad, could you even imagine what the backlash would be about censoring a rah-rah america! movie? i guess you could look at it both ways. on the one hand, it's unamerican from a "i love america" kinda way, since it glorifies the american military. but on the other hand, it also shows the horrors of war quite well, which could be viewed as anti-war. one thing is for sure though, the FCC are still a bunch of douchebags.

5) just plain pathetic.

6) the crazy kids at texas A&M are still going to have a bonfire before the texas game. this after twelve, count-em, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12, students died in 1999 building a fire. i dunno, i suppose that they can make changes to make it safer, but i think by definition an 80 foot bonfire is going to always be dangerous. in a way, the people who feel it necessary to have a bonfire are kinda saying "f you" to the memories of those kids who died. some things i can understand dying for. freedom, family, hot babes, yes. school spirit, no. i doubt sincerely that the kids who died would've consciously risked their life for the sake of beating the longhorns.

again, i apologize for the decrease in posting. i'm almost done with my draft of my thesis, and i'm already a year and a half late with this thing, so i've got to get it done soon.


more goofy white people news

i had no idea that this was going on, but a group of people are reenacting the lewis and clark expedition, in honor of its bicentennial. i always thought that their achievements were overrated. and apparently so do some native americans. and it just seems like a wholesale waste of time and money to do this. seriously, does anyone care about this?

what makes it worse is that they're taking a break. they only made it to north dakota, and now they're going to resume their trip in april. last i checked, reenactment doing what the original people did, and as far as i can remember from 2nd grade history, lewis and clark didn't take a 4 month siesta. anyways, as the title of this post will tell you, only goofy white people could dream up crap like this.


good news for VAX

via angry asian man, i just found out they're putting VAX, the vietnamese television news and culture magazine, back on the air (LATimes link, go to bugmenot for a login and password) it's still kinda f-ed up since now they have to lease time from a television station, but it's better than nothing. hopefully, some production company will step up and do the right and i'm guessing profitable thing and back the makers of the show.

i don't know if anyone who had anything to do with this is reading my blog, but thanks for getting it back on. i will make sure that fredo tapes it for me. for those of you who just read my plea for help, and then went along your merry way, thanks for nothing. just kidding, i just signed the petition, so it's not like i did anything. anyways, read the story. if you're vietnamese, it'll make you feel mushy inside.


not a pop culture post, but interesting nonetheless. i got this from zentronix via pop life. it seems that instead of the back door draft, the armed forces have resorted to recalling every single person who is a part of the reserves, including this guy who fulfilled his obligation eight years ago. what's curious to me is that the army or bush hasn't been quick to just say, "hey my bad, thanks for serving, must've been some mixup." i mean if you wanted to allay people's fear of a backdoor draft of their fears of the war getting worse, isn't that the smart thing to do? no instead they just tell him, "we'll look into it." which means one of two things. either 1) the army has its head up its ass dealing with the stuff that's really going on in the mideast causing someone in PR to drop the ball on what's really a simple mistake, or 2) they're trying to find a way to get this guy over to iraq anyway. either way it sucks. also, please note the last name of the gentleman who might get called over there.

blog meta-note: i feel like a junior high school kid who just moved in and wants to be able to hang out with the cool kids with the blogs listed above. it seems like that there is this circle of asian guys who are in academia and blog and write about pop culture. which is kinda what i feel like i do, except i haven't been published anywhere like they have. i love their blogs and i want desperately for them to read my blog and to be a part of their circle. i just don't know how except to send the really lame, "hey you're great! read my blog too!" email. i guess i could start writing music reviews and somehow getting them published somewhere, but i just can't do that with the workload i've got right now with school (which incidentally, is why i haven't posted a whole lot for the past few days). dammit i want to join this gang so bad! this really doesn't have anything to do with anything else, but it's giving me a complex.

as fredo and i like to call it: crapitalism

according to the wall street journal, best buy hates shoppers who want to save money.

i read this on boingboing and really didn't know what to make of it. the story basically says that best buy, nirvana for tech geeks like me, is going to change its market strategy to weed out people who do things like buy stuff on sale, or send in for rebates. they call them "devils" because they drive profits down by only buying things that don't add to best buy's profit margin, as opposed to the "angels" who buy expensive stuff as soon as they hit the market without waiting for markdowns. in other words, despite their claim to match the lowest price, they actually don't want to be in that position of having the lowest prices. it's an amazing contradiction of capitalism that you can try your hardest to position yourself as a place where people should go because stuff is cheaper, and then try to squeeze people who make them back up their claim. i know that it'd be a hard sell, but shouldn't this be illegal. i mean, if best buy wants to stop selling things at below cost, then fine. but then they shouldn't be able to imply in any way that their store is the place to save money.

the 500 pound elephant of college football

in the lastest issue of espn the magazine (a horrible sports magazine, by the way) maurice clarrett, the former ohio state running back gives explicit details on how he was paid money and cars while at ohio state. i imagine that the sports news outlets will pick this up as a huge story and rightfully so, not since SMU got the death penalty have we heard such tales of debauchery within college football. but my contention, which i kinda made before, is does anyone really think that college sports program are clean? don't we all just assume that players are getting paid illegally and that boosters provide this money? the NCAA i'm sure will launch a full investigation and i'm sure that ohio state will get a severe penalty. first off, let me say that i've always contended that the lack of transparency in the NCAA is at the root of the problem. i suppose it's easy to to blame everything on the money that's involved with college sports these days, but no one knows how the NCAA does its investigations. do they act on all tips? do they actively pursue programs that seem to be cheating? if the public knew about actually how cheating in college football is investigated, there'd be a hell of lot more trust in the system. however, like many others in sports, the institutions and the people in power treat fans like we're total idiots. as i just said before, we all know that the idea of a clean college football program is simply an oxymoron. it just doesn't exist on the big time level. USC cheats, OU cheats, FSU cheats, and yes, even lily white clean catholic notre dame cheats. if i had the money, i'm sure that i could simply hire you average private investigators and they'd be able to find evidence of impropriety in college football. as they say, if it looks like a duck...

secondly, why do we get so incensed that college athletes, who generate millions of dollars for their universities, advertisers, television networks and on and on, get paid for what they provide. does this type of system really weaken an institutions ability to educate? actually, i think it does, but it destroys credibility more when they turn this blind eye to it.

lastly, if ohio state is guilty, which i'm almost 99% sure that they are, and if the NCAA wants to stand up what it is supposed to be for, then the football program at ohio state ought to get the death penalty. SMU's infractions are no worse than what has happened at ohio state. if the NCAA is serious about cleaning up college football, then this is the perfect opportunity to start doing it. i can't even imagine a scenario remotely like this, but it seems clear that there is a gigantic lack of institutional control or even worse, a clear case of institutional complicity with all of this. but like i said, probation, suspension of bowl games maybe, but to cut out a program that makes a ton of money for both the school and for television, i can't imagine this happening.


save the polar bears

bad news for my favorite kind of bear.

(sorry, i couldn't find a picture of polar bears doing it.)


bobby the gook, week 9

godammit, i don't know a f-ing thing about football. what really hurts is that a couple of the games that i picked wrong were so painfuly obvious the second the game was over. i mean, really, was there any reason not to take KC at home? wasn't it obvious that the giants were going to beat the vikings like they always do? bad gambler! bad gambler! anyways, last week: me 5-9 (pathetic), season 63-49-3 (.563); fredo 5-9 (pathetico, fred's a mexican), season 59-53-3 (.527). point spreads from caesars/hilton, home team in bold.

BUF (+3) over NYJ
is mcgahee the cure? yeah, i think so. the jets have their own power runner in martin, but he's an old man. i guess using lamont jordan to spell him is a really good idea. anyways, my reasoning here is that the jets won big over miami and this will be the letdown.

PHI (-1) over PIT
ok, so this roethlisberger kid is all right. but this line is in my mind a huge overreaction by vegas. far be it from me to question the wisdom of gamblor, but philly is going to roll this week. fantasy owners can expect at least three TDs from mcnabb with two of them going to T.O., the most entertaining NFL player since deion. fifty bucks all the way (3-5 on the big bet).

DET (-3.5) over WAS
fredo is right, god does hate joe gibbs. this game really depends on roy williams. if he plays, which i think he will, the lions win easily. if not, then the skins win. no provisional picks here, so i'll just go with the lions. incidentally, how about w beating out the curse of the redskins loss. i mean, this guy is like ferris bueller, he just can't lose.

CIN (+1) over DAL
it's tempting to take the boys after their win last week, but the lions had the same problem that i was talking about above. without williams, the lions don't have anything. so basically, the cowboys didn't beat anyone last week. the bengals have looked a lot better the last two weeks, so i'll take chad johnson for 2 TDs and the win.

OAK (+7) over CAR
this really isn't a smart play, but oakland has to cover at some point, don't they? and with seven points, this week is as good as any.

AZ (+3) over MIA
two bad teams, give me the points.

KC (-3) over TB
the chiefs seem to be on a roll. all three of their weapons, green, holmes, and gonzalez really seem to be clicking. granted they're facing a much better defense than indy or a beat up atlanta defense, but i think that they win here.

NYG (-9) over CHI
chicago had their nice feel good moment last week over another bad team. now they go back to sucking like the a-holes that they really are.

SEA (-7) over SF
after that early season blowout, fredo and i could have sworn that this line would have been 20 by this time in the season, but the hawks have underachieved like a bunch of john kerrys so far this year. anyways, how in the world could san francisco lose to the freakin' bears? never betting on SF for the rest of the season. rattay will be back but that's not going to make any difference. shaun alexander scores at least four TDs here.

SD (-6.5) over NO
the chargers at home? yeah! give me the chaaaaaaaargers.

STL (+2) over NE
the pats lost because of injuries last week, and the word on the street, or at least on espn.com is that they're still banged up. with ty law out, bulger is going to light 'em up. brady is good, but he needs to be more marino-like than montana-like right now for the pats to win. stay away from this one.

HOU (+6.5) over DEN
they say home field is worth three points. is denver more than a field goal better than the texans? maybe, but david carr and andre johnson make my football pants go crazy. also, take the over kids, take the over.

BAL (-6) over CLE
not having ogden makes the return of jamal lewis a little less exciting, but i think he'll have a big game at home against the team that he piled up 32000 yards against last season.

IND (-6) over MIN
they say that moss tore his hammy, which will keep him under full speed for another few weeks. and without him, daunte only throw 2 TDs instead of 5. besides, if the colts lose, they fall to 4-4 and i just can't imagine that happening. in related news, i just recently read a poll that said that NFL players consider peyton manning to be the smartest football player. i don't know about all that, but he is the NFL's biggest douchebag.

i took 8 home teams this week. i must be finally getting my head out of my ass.

when jesus attacks!

a guy in taiwan tried to convert a lion to christianity. predictably, the lion tried to bite his arm off. and if you think about it, what a brilliant strategy to ward off evangelizers. next time a jehovah's witness comes to my door, i'm going to bite his arm off.

douchebags of the movie industry, unite!

the motion picture association of america (MPAA) announced that they're going to start filing lawsuits against people who are sharing movie files over the internet.

it's weird how antsy rich people get when anything little thing presents the possibility of making only zillions of dollars instead of bazillions of dollars. anyways, i'm not sure how effective the lawsuits that the RIAA have been in cracking down on music file sharing, but i for one, still use kazaa lite whenever i only want one song and don't feel like buying the whole album. actually i do this less and less because of the greatness and low cost of music on iTunes. but anyways, the point is, i doubt sincerely that these lawsuits will cut down on file sharing, or increase movie studio profits. so in the end, the only people who get affected are those people whose lives get f-ed up because they wanted to see the barf scene from team america one more time. anyways, this also coincides with the arrival of new MPAA president dan glickman. which i guess makes jack valenti seem like solomon with the way he handled the whole oscar screener copy thing.

two more small things that make the story more interesting.

1) the announcemment was made at UCLA. this disturbs me a little since universities are supposed to be liberal and all, and even weirder, the most likely site of movie piracy. universities are one of the few places that give computer users enough bandwidth to make movie file sharing practical. if i were to try and download a movie on my cable connection at home, it would take at least 6-7 hours. which in my head, i just say, f it, i'll just pay the nine bucks to see the movie. however, because university connections are so much faster, college kids can file share with impunity. in a sense, this makes even less sense than the music lawsuit. i will wait a couple of minutes for a song of lesser sound quality. i won't wait more than a few minutes for crappy movie files (almost all of the movie files look like old home movies, and almost all of the ones i've seen have some kind of audio problems). the whole point of file sharing is that there's instant gratification. there is no such masturbatory value with movie file sharing. the only people who file share movies are the ones who are hard hard core fans and will still go see movies anyways. i mean there's just no market for pirated movies downloaded off the internet. bootleg copies from screener copies, maybe, but fuzzy files of the yoda light saber fight, no.

2) i really don't know what to make of this, but one major studio was conspicuously absent from the proceedings and is rumored not to be participating in the lawsuit. disney. please, discuss in the comments section.

it's about f-ing time

willie randolph was hired as the mets' new manager.

this makes him the seventh black manager ever hired by a major league baseball team. randolph has toiled for a long time as a bench coach, hitting coach, and other jobs and has been mentioned prominently for the past five years for any managing vacancies. i think it is funny how there can be a ton of extremely qualified black candidates that have to be in baseball forever to get a top job, but baseball teams will take a flier on someone like wally backman who has considerably less managing experience, and also has a much seedier past. same thing in the NFL, ted cottrell and willie shaw for example vs. jim mora and jack del rio. i should however, mention that the NFL is getting better with coaches like herm edwards and lovie smith.

anyways, the point is, that it's about time someone hired willie randolph. in terms of the three major sports in america, baseball which is the oldest, is also the farthest behind in the minority hiring department. which is ironic seeing as how they always position themselves as the sport who broke down the color barrier with jackie robinson. think about it, baseball has been around for over a hundred years and somehow, there's only been seven black managers. amazing.


VAX update

read here if you don't know what i'm talking about.

i just got an email that says there's going to be some kind of public forum about the whole deal in westminster. i wish i could be there but i can't. if you live in the LA area and give a rat's ass, please go and let me know what's going on. i can't find the press release on VAX's website so here is the text of the email:

In response to the concerns pertaining to VAX's coverage of the Saigon USA documentary, VAX will host an "Open Discussion/Community Forum" this Thursday, November 4th. The forum will take place from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the City of Westminster Community Services and Recreation Center. The focus of the open discussion will be to address the following issues:

1) VAX's Saigon USA clip

2) The roles that young and old play in educating and discussing Vietnamese history.

3) The responsibilities and ethics of reporting news in the Vietnamese community.

This forum is not meant to state who is right or wrong, but rather to bring to surface the differences between young, old, conservative, and liberal. We invite you to come out and help us to bridge the gaps that exist in our community. It is our hope that everyone will come away from this with a better understanding of each other.

Capacity of the forum will be limited, so we cannot promise that everyone will be able to participate. Please also understand that there will be extensive media coverage of the event as well. For more information, please visit our website at www.vaxtvshow.com

VAX is also looking for a bi-lingual moderator for the forum who is fluent in both English and Vietnamese. If interested, please email us at info@vaxtvshow.com or call us directly at 714.241.8990

VAX Community Forum
Community Services & Recreation
8200 Westminster Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683

Thursday, November 4th
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

more proof that gamblor knows all

who was most accurate in predicting the outcome of the election? vegas.

ok, so it's not quite vegas, but these political futures people live by the gamblor's commandments.

dear AR, GA, KY, MI, MT, ND, OK, OH, and UT

f all of y'all. why don't you just lynch 'em like you used to you backwoods inbred stupid motherfuckers. what year is it? i feel like i'm taking crazy pills here.

p.s. if it passes in OR, f them too.

so does that make her/him a lesbian?

the european golf tour just qualified its first transexual member. you go gir...um...you!

why kerry lost the election or we are sooooo screwed

so i'm sittin' here at my job in the computer lab, and there's usually a class in here in the mornings. a student walks in and asks me if class is cancelled. i tell them that teachers are supposed to contact us if class is cancelled, but they almost always forget. she says that there's a sign outside that class is cancelled. i then say, "well that probably means that class is cancelled." i go out and look at the signs which must have just been posted. i see that the sign has the class name, the name of the instructor and the time and date of the class and think "oh, ok, class is cancelled". at least nine other students proceed to come in and ask me if class is cancelled.

my point is, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to get out the youth vote. if you asked me if i trusted 18-21 year olds at UCSB to make informed decisions regarding our country and future, what do you suppose my answer would be? in addition to ohio, florida, conservative christians, nascar dads, and big oil, i'm placing the blame squarely on p. diddy and his tactics that only encourage a culture of fear (does it count when democrats do it?). anyways, i just wanted to let p. diddy and all of the other people who worked to get out the vote that you have categorically failed us. the blood of iraqi civilians is on your hands as well as everyone else's. way to go.


CSI: dublin?

ok, so maybe U2 sold out just a little bit here.

everyone just calm down

i just wanted to let you know, that despite what p-diddy tells you, even if you do vote, you'll still eventually die. however, if you don't vote, you may just get shipped over to iraq in the backdoor draft and then die there. or you'll starve to death on the street and die because you lost your job because of bad economic policy. or you'll be having a back alley abortion and then die there. or maybe you'll fall off a horse, become a paraplegic and then die. which has nothing to do with the election, but has been known to happen. the point is you'll die no matter what, but there are other reasons why you should vote. the only thing that will cause you to die if don't do is skate or ride.

p.s. someone ought to make a porno movie and call it "backdoor draft".

p.p.s. doesn't this picture make you not want to vote?


some light reading

since this blog tries to position itself as one about sports and pop culture, here are two articles that i read today that i think are worth checking out.

#1) sports - phil taylor of cnnsi.com seems to think that athletes shouldn't try to stump for political candidates like curt schilling did for bush the other day in a good morning america interview. while i do agree that in the forum of an interview that's supposed to be about the red sox winning the world series, it's sorta irresponsible to use your stature as an athlete to do such pandering. which in the context of that particular interview, is exactly what he was doing. but on the other hand, i'm not sure it's really that different from athletes hawking whatever charity that they're involved with, since most likely, they know nothing about the root causes of the social problem. what's the most interesting thing about this piece is that schilling is supporting bush. i would say that most of the media has demonized any celebrities as liberal wackos when they endorse liberal candidates or causes. so in a sense, i am kinda glad that someone is getting some of this medicine for being a conservative. anyways, it's interesting to see a sports writer call out an athlete for being conservative.

#2) pop culture - a piece in the NYT by kalefa saneh (login required for NYT.com, use bugmenot.com to get a free one*). it's about the concept of rockism as a system of preserving white male privelege. i've been making this argument forever, but it's nice to see the mainstream press pick up on it.

* bugmenot.com has released an extension for firefox that alows you to log in to sites without having to give any of your personal information. you can get it here.

update: the bugmenot extension doesn't work real well on the big sites like nytimes.com or latimes.com. bastards!

peter king

normally, i can't stand peter king. he's one of those writers that seems to always work in banal cliches about team work, america and cutesy stuff that which analytical sports guys like me loathe. in other words, he's the perfect football writer for middle america, which i think really contributes to his overall popularity. in turn, that also makes him the premier writer on football out there today, in the same way that peter gammons is the premier writer for baseball. it's not that they both write exceptionally well (although i think that gammons is extremely above average), it's just that their personality and popularity gives them access to information that other sports writers don't get from front office people and athletes.

anyways, i read king's monday morning quarterback column on CNN.com religiously. you should too. like i said, it's always going to have some things that annoy me, but if you can filter out all the b.s. such as his coffee stories, it's got pretty much everything you need to know about what happened the past weekend in the NFL with good and sometimes interesting (even midly controversial sometimes) commentary. today, he wrote what i thought was an especially good column. highlights include a good story about dave roberts, the red sox outfielder, a good analysis about fox's piece on daunte culpepper, and proper chastising of qb's who throw too many interceptions, particularly one sorry overrated sonuvabitch who went to ASU.

i knew guys like this back from my high school in texas

and no, they weren't very smart.

not very presidential, if you ask me. i know it wasn't supposed to be aired, but come on, think of all of your semi-intelligent friends. would they ever make such a bad joke like that?

who i'm going to vote for instead of eddie van halen this year

you may have noticed that i have added another blog to my blog links on the right there. boing boing seems to me to be the paradigmatic blog that seems to get all the goofy links, and interesting news before any other blog.

anyways, i found this little flash cartoon on there today. i think for most people it will only be mildly amusing, but for those of you who spent a great deal of time watching the g.i. joe cartoon as a kid, it should be good trip down memory lane.

p.s. bonus g.i. joe link! i was looking for a g.i. joe link for this blog, and i ended finding sendups of those ridiculously goofy public service announcements that they did at the end of every cartoon. this one is my favorite.

p.p.s. explanation of post title: in high school, when we had to vote for student council or prom king or crap like that, for every single one of them, without exception, i would write in my candidate, one edward van halen.