1 divided by 5 = 0.2

that means 20% of the nation's NCAA Div I black football coaches got axed when notre dame fired ty willingham. at the beginning of the year there were five, now there are only two. ty willingham, although lauded by everyone as a class act, tyrone ultimately couldn't turn around the most storied football program in history fast enough.

it's a tough thing to analyze in terms of race, because the firing is not out of the ordinary in the win now world of the NCAA. the irish went 6-5 so it's not like he was fired for no reason. on the other hand, it should be noted that his white predecessor bob davie had a nearly identical record of 21-16 (willingham went 21-15) after three years. yet davie managed to keep the job for another 2 years. i'm not saying race is the only factor here, but it is interesting that the black coach got a shorter leash.

i suppose this situation of any big time college program, but it certainly does not seem to be enough to be a good coach who does nothing but carry himself in a dignified manner. i wonder how long a jackass like bobby bowden or steve spurrier would've lasted at notre dame. anyways, i'm very curious to see how long the two remaining black coaches (karl dorrell at UCLA and sylvester croom at mississippi state) can last at those two football crazy schools.

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