as fredo and i like to call it: crapitalism

according to the wall street journal, best buy hates shoppers who want to save money.

i read this on boingboing and really didn't know what to make of it. the story basically says that best buy, nirvana for tech geeks like me, is going to change its market strategy to weed out people who do things like buy stuff on sale, or send in for rebates. they call them "devils" because they drive profits down by only buying things that don't add to best buy's profit margin, as opposed to the "angels" who buy expensive stuff as soon as they hit the market without waiting for markdowns. in other words, despite their claim to match the lowest price, they actually don't want to be in that position of having the lowest prices. it's an amazing contradiction of capitalism that you can try your hardest to position yourself as a place where people should go because stuff is cheaper, and then try to squeeze people who make them back up their claim. i know that it'd be a hard sell, but shouldn't this be illegal. i mean, if best buy wants to stop selling things at below cost, then fine. but then they shouldn't be able to imply in any way that their store is the place to save money.

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