bobby the gook, week 10

wooooooooo! rough draft of thesis done. time to start thinking about football. last week, i actually did pretty decent to help turnaround this thing. let's hope the cowboys can do the same. last week: me 8-6, season 71-55-3 (.611); fredo 6-8, season 65-61-3 (.516). hey fredo, you've been treading water so long, you're ready to become a lifeguard now! as always, point spreads from caesar's/hilton, home team in bold.

BAL (-1) over NYJ
don't get me wrong, i love the q-car as much as anyone, but he had a tendency to suck against sophisticated defenses like the one that the ravens have. by the way, i'd kill to have quincy back on the cowboys right now.

PIT (-3.5) over CLE
this one's not even funny. i haven't seen the steelers play this year yet, but beating philly and the pats in two consecutive weeks, how can you argue?

HOU (+9) over IND
ughhh. i'm not sure why i'm going with the dogs here, especially after they sucked against the broncos last week. indy's defense still isn't that good, and i think houston is good enough to hang. carr looks good on turf too.

TEN (-6) over CHI
break up the bears! krenzel for president. who knows what's happened the last two weeks, but you can't like the bears unless they're getting at least seven.

ATL (-4) over TB
ughhh part 2. i guess tampa bay is the hot team. but i read somewhere that the falcons have been practicing the shotgun all week. which fredo astutely points out lends itself to a lot of wild ass scrambling. and with vick doing said wild ass scrambling, i think they'll be fine.

DET (+3.5) over JAX
i really need to stop taking the lions. but i think i've seen enough chinks in the jags armour to pencil them in as a wildcard loser this year. by the way, did you see that one-hand catch roy williams made last week. athletic.

SEA (PK) over STL
well, i guess we saw how important that home dome advantage was for the rams last week. umm, i guess i'll try to will the seahawks back to respectability here.

KC (-4) over NO
surely the chiefs are better than they were against buccaneers? aren't they? although, i think that priest holmes is out this week. dammit, i took KC in the pool.

WAS (-3.5) over CIN
dammit, i took cinci in the pool too. i'll go with the cowboys suck and that's why cinnci looked good last week. god still hates joe gibbs, but i think he might hate carson palmer more.

GB (-4) over MIN
no moss, no win.

ARI (-2) over NYG
the cards are just the team to drive the nail in the coffin for the giants and their sorry coach tom coughlin. by the way, is emmitt smith playing well or what? i hope that he plays well the rest of the year and then retires. and then he, cocaine mike, and troy boy can start making those gay porn movies.

SF (-1) over CAR
was i right about the superbowl hangover or what?

NE (-7.5) over BUF
son of parcells is a genius. never mind the whole troy brown thing, and never mind the vinateri trick TD. corners are out? blitz like hell. and blitz + bledsoe = :( = 50 bucks (3-6 on the big bet)

PHI (-6.5) over DAL
i've feared this day since the season began. the only thing you can do on the eagles is run, and the cowboys can't run. i've decided that the best thing that the cowboys can do now is position themselves to take adrian peterson when he comes out. if i could, i'd put another 50 bucks on this one, but the whole equation thing above just reads better.

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Anonymous said...

here we go:

BAL over NYJ - it seems like the jets play a lot of close ones, but they won't play this one close enough. i see a heavy dose of jamal lewis here.

PIT over CLE - why only 3.5 points? this one actually worries me a little bit. it's a classic letdown game.

HOU over IND - the only reason to go houston here is the colts coming off a monday night.

CHI over TEN - why the f not?

TAM over ATL - i like tampa bay straight up here. they've been hot and play well against the falcons for some reason.

JAX over DET - bob said chinks.

SEA over STL - the last time they played, st louis came back and cost me a parlay. my imaginary money says it won't hapen again.

NO over KC - i guess give me the points. this game is not really bettable, though. as an aside, dick vermeil is still running loose touching innocent children. someone stop him.

CIN over WAS - washington's defense is actually decent, but i think gibbs will find a way to allow chad and rudy johnson to kick ass for my fantasy team.

GB over MIN - green bay coming off a bye and at the frozen tundra? i'll take it.

ARI over NYG - can arizona win two in row? can kurt warner just up and die? fuck the giants. i hate them. in other new york news, joe torre has proceeded with an island hopping campaign to conquer japan in the name of his new independent nation. vermeil is said to be negotiating asylum with torre, but talks are stalled around the transfer of priest holmes to the 1b-dh slots. meanwhile, paul o'neill has dispatched james bond to afghanistan to help john rambo rescue trautman. strange developments, indeed.

SF over CAR - this is just sad.

BUF over NE - look out for mcgahee. i'll take the 7.5 points here against a beat up new england team that somehow keeps winning despite belichick's spiraling out of control with drugs and hookers.

PHI over DAL - i really hate the eagles, but damn the cowboys suck. anyway, it looks like we're just one more eagles loss away from a complete t.o. meltdown. by the way, the nfc sucks. a casino in vegas has already posted the nfc team as a 1 point underdog in the super bowl.