bobby the gook, week 12

i've got a giant head cold, so i'm going to do this while i'm at work so that when i get home i can just take some nyquil and crash. anyways, if i suck this week, i blame it on the germs. last week: me - 7-8-1, season 84-71-4 (.542); fredo 8-7-1, season 82-73-4 (.529). point spreads from caesar's/hilton, home team in bold.

IND (-9) over DET
what the hell is going on with peyton manning? those numbers are just ridiculous. last week, however, the lions finally showed something with their running game, and covered by the way. does that make me think they've got it turned around? of course not, this is pretty much a no brainer.

DAL (-3.5) over CHI
in this battle of two crappy teams with rookie qbs, i should be taking the points, but hey it's thanksgiving. i can't pick against the home team.

BAL (+7) over NE
i'm actually pretty torn on this. while it's pretty clear that the pats are the better team here, i just think they may be ripe for some kind of let down. someone's got to be able to stop the new england offense, baltimore seems up to the task.

PHI (-7) over NYG
yeah, you just keep trotting out eli manning and see where that gets ya with the bettors. 50 bucks on the eagles (5-6 on the big bet).

WAS (+11) over PIT
pittsburgh didn't show me a whole lot last week against a clearly inferior team. i smell upset here.

CIN (-5.5) over CLE
good lord who the f cares about ohio? maybe if they stopped putting their efforts into crappy football teams and putting it into defeating bush, we could get out of this quagmire. f ohio.

JAX (+6) over MIN
minnesota has just been so spotty this year. this is just the kind of game to kill their momentum, yet again. of course, moss being out doesn't help.

TB (-2) over CAR
vegas is deferring too much to the panthers here. sure they've played well against two crappy teams. but that doesn't change the fact that they have nate goings running the ball.

SD (-2) over KC
i don't know about this one really. kc at home? it might be the end of the line for the chargers here. but they've done nothing but cover this year, no sense in stopping now.

HOU (+1.5) over TEN
dammit, when is houston going to f-ing cover.

ATL (-9.5) over NO
man that's a lot of points. but i actually got to watch alot of the falcons game last week and vick looks as comfortable as i've seen him all year.

NYJ (-3) over ARI
as bad as mccown was, shaun king is no improvement. this has got the makings of some really unwatchable football. and with my luck, it will be the one televised here on the central coast.

SEA (-5) over BUF
i don't really don't know what to think here. i just can't imagine bledsoe putting it together for more than one game in a row. dilfer looked a lot like matt hasselback though didn't he?

MIA (+1.5) over SF

DEN (+11) over OAK
the raiders looked horrrrrrrrrible last week. i can't see them going to denver and even scoring in this one.

GB (-6) over STL
farvre on monday night? well, that wasn't hard.


Anonymous said...


give me:

IND over DET - manning ruins thanksgiving in detroit by taking a dump at midfield during the final seconds of the game.

CHI over DAL - drew henson used to play in the yankees farm system. the yankees have never won on thanksgiving. therefore, neither will henson. speaking of yankees, el presidente torre has declared that in his new country, they will eat indians and invite turkeys over dinner. rear admiral "el capitan" jetes will make his jell-o surprise.

BAL over NE - at some point, the injuries have to keep new england from covering, right?

PHI over NYG - not even close.

PIT over WAS - pittsburgh 24, washington 10.

CIN over CLE - i've never liked this "rivalry." what a waste of the color orange.

MIN over JAX - just because a lot of people see it the other way.

TAM over CAR - surely gruden can stop being a jackass long enough to win by a field goal.

KC over SD - for some reason, teams coming off a game with new england have rebounded with a win. true mad scientist theory here.

HOU over TEN - i'll admit i am guessing here.

ATL over NO - that's just too many points to pass up, but damn the saints are horrible. dammit, i'm switching to atlanta.

ARI over NYJ - arizona makes the jets pay for mark gastineau's sorriness. what a dumb looking matchup, by the way. i'd be pissed if i was stuck watching this game.

SF over MIA - a great matchup that i will be taping for future societies to understand what sports at the highest level looks like.

OAK over DEN - the raiders cover somehow. it's complicated, but they do. i promise.

GB over STL - favre and his personal valet, john madden, vanquish the rams. al michaels hangs himself at halftime.

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Anonymous said...

BUF over SEA - let's go bills.