christmas: another excuse to say "what about me?"

you know the house in your neighborhood that puts up a zillion lights on their house for christmas? every neighborhood has one house that goes completely overboard and creates a monstosity with their garish christmas light display. well one neighbor decided to pull the plug on some norcal guy's parade of lights. according to the story, a family (disclaimer: the family has a vietnamese surname) complained about some guys ridiculous christmas display and got the city to pass an ordinance that limited this yuletide nonsense.

so the guy had a 50 foot grinch constructed with a finger pointing to his neighbor's house. he then has the gall to say that all he was doing was providing some kind of community service with his materialistic rendering of christmas. here's his ridiculous quote:
When I grew up, people decorated everything -- it was wonderful to be a kid. If you can't even put up a display these days, what kind of people have we become?
hey a-hole, you can put up a display without wasting all that money on your narcissistic display. the truth is he got a lot of attention from people for doing something only someone who didn't understand the true spirit of christmas would do. think of all the money that he spends on his electric bill alone. couldn't he buy a bunch of toys for needy kids or something? tell me, what kind of people have we become where celebrating christmas means making life miserable for your neighbors. no instead, he decides to declare loudly and clearly to the world, "look at me!" the article says that after he looked at the paperwork involved in getting a permit for his stupid display, he decided it wasn't worth the trouble. oh but wait, a-hole. i mean what kind of jerk lets a little bit of paper work get in the way of the christmas spirit? i tell you what kind of jerk, the kind of jerk who isn't interested in providing christmas cheer as he is in saying, "what about me?" what an a-hole.

i'll post pictures of the house in our neighborhood once those a-holes get their stupid display set up.

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