douchebags of the movie industry, unite!

the motion picture association of america (MPAA) announced that they're going to start filing lawsuits against people who are sharing movie files over the internet.

it's weird how antsy rich people get when anything little thing presents the possibility of making only zillions of dollars instead of bazillions of dollars. anyways, i'm not sure how effective the lawsuits that the RIAA have been in cracking down on music file sharing, but i for one, still use kazaa lite whenever i only want one song and don't feel like buying the whole album. actually i do this less and less because of the greatness and low cost of music on iTunes. but anyways, the point is, i doubt sincerely that these lawsuits will cut down on file sharing, or increase movie studio profits. so in the end, the only people who get affected are those people whose lives get f-ed up because they wanted to see the barf scene from team america one more time. anyways, this also coincides with the arrival of new MPAA president dan glickman. which i guess makes jack valenti seem like solomon with the way he handled the whole oscar screener copy thing.

two more small things that make the story more interesting.

1) the announcemment was made at UCLA. this disturbs me a little since universities are supposed to be liberal and all, and even weirder, the most likely site of movie piracy. universities are one of the few places that give computer users enough bandwidth to make movie file sharing practical. if i were to try and download a movie on my cable connection at home, it would take at least 6-7 hours. which in my head, i just say, f it, i'll just pay the nine bucks to see the movie. however, because university connections are so much faster, college kids can file share with impunity. in a sense, this makes even less sense than the music lawsuit. i will wait a couple of minutes for a song of lesser sound quality. i won't wait more than a few minutes for crappy movie files (almost all of the movie files look like old home movies, and almost all of the ones i've seen have some kind of audio problems). the whole point of file sharing is that there's instant gratification. there is no such masturbatory value with movie file sharing. the only people who file share movies are the ones who are hard hard core fans and will still go see movies anyways. i mean there's just no market for pirated movies downloaded off the internet. bootleg copies from screener copies, maybe, but fuzzy files of the yoda light saber fight, no.

2) i really don't know what to make of this, but one major studio was conspicuously absent from the proceedings and is rumored not to be participating in the lawsuit. disney. please, discuss in the comments section.

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