everyone just calm down

i just wanted to let you know, that despite what p-diddy tells you, even if you do vote, you'll still eventually die. however, if you don't vote, you may just get shipped over to iraq in the backdoor draft and then die there. or you'll starve to death on the street and die because you lost your job because of bad economic policy. or you'll be having a back alley abortion and then die there. or maybe you'll fall off a horse, become a paraplegic and then die. which has nothing to do with the election, but has been known to happen. the point is you'll die no matter what, but there are other reasons why you should vote. the only thing that will cause you to die if don't do is skate or ride.

p.s. someone ought to make a porno movie and call it "backdoor draft".

p.p.s. doesn't this picture make you not want to vote?

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