good news for VAX

via angry asian man, i just found out they're putting VAX, the vietnamese television news and culture magazine, back on the air (LATimes link, go to bugmenot for a login and password) it's still kinda f-ed up since now they have to lease time from a television station, but it's better than nothing. hopefully, some production company will step up and do the right and i'm guessing profitable thing and back the makers of the show.

i don't know if anyone who had anything to do with this is reading my blog, but thanks for getting it back on. i will make sure that fredo tapes it for me. for those of you who just read my plea for help, and then went along your merry way, thanks for nothing. just kidding, i just signed the petition, so it's not like i did anything. anyways, read the story. if you're vietnamese, it'll make you feel mushy inside.

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