holy cow

ron artest got suspended for the rest of the f-in season. good lord, i knew that the hammer was coming, but i didn't expect anything like this. i have a lot to say, but i don't have the time right now to commit everything to print, but here are two things that i can say quickly about this whole deal. 1) ron artest is a gigantic headcase. watch the video again, and see how he goes from calm and collected after a minor dustup with ben wallace to raging maniac in a matter of seconds. 2) the pacers are done. they go from a title contender to fighting to get the last playoff spot just like that. i'm not sure if the suspensions will hold up (i think they're too harsh if you were wondering), but not having o'neal and artest for the next couple of months is like the bulls of the nineties not having jordan and pippen. all that's left are a a bunch of dudes that were pretty good in college.

i think alfredo said it best, "the nba is saying, 'screw with business, and you're gonna pay, but you can rape as many people in the offseason as you want.'"

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Erik said...

Dude, this penalty wasn't harsh enough. Artest should be suspended for life and O'Neal for the rest of the season. This wasn't Artest's first suspension for bad behavior, and the international spectacle that Artest instigated here cannot go with just a slap on the wrist.

But I'll wait for your full post to really tell you how wrong you are. Hurry up and post it.