i would've much rather seen terrell owens naked

so the big brouhaha over the mnf intro with a naked housewife jumping into terrell owens arms has the NFL PO'd at TO (i thought of that one all by myself). no need to comment really. here's a column by jason whitlock about the whole deal. i'm really not sure what he's trying to say. and i think it is because he doesn't specifically mention race as a factor in the way that the NFL handles things, although he does obtusely hint around it. i don't know, the reaction seems par for the course for the NFL. they, more than any other sports league aggresively police their public image, so i don't see what the outrage against the NFL is all about myself. of course, the outrage directed at ABC by the NFL is unwarranted as well, but that whole line of rhetoric wore itself out two weeks after the whole janet jackson thing. honestly, i just wish it was me that caught a naked nicolette sheridan.

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