it's about f-ing time

willie randolph was hired as the mets' new manager.

this makes him the seventh black manager ever hired by a major league baseball team. randolph has toiled for a long time as a bench coach, hitting coach, and other jobs and has been mentioned prominently for the past five years for any managing vacancies. i think it is funny how there can be a ton of extremely qualified black candidates that have to be in baseball forever to get a top job, but baseball teams will take a flier on someone like wally backman who has considerably less managing experience, and also has a much seedier past. same thing in the NFL, ted cottrell and willie shaw for example vs. jim mora and jack del rio. i should however, mention that the NFL is getting better with coaches like herm edwards and lovie smith.

anyways, the point is, that it's about time someone hired willie randolph. in terms of the three major sports in america, baseball which is the oldest, is also the farthest behind in the minority hiring department. which is ironic seeing as how they always position themselves as the sport who broke down the color barrier with jackie robinson. think about it, baseball has been around for over a hundred years and somehow, there's only been seven black managers. amazing.

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