more on the T.O./desperate housewives scandal

seriously people, do you know how ridiculous it is that i even had to type "T.O./desperate housewives scandal"?

indy's head coach tony dungy decided to chime in and say that he was thought that terrell owens segment was somewhat racist in that it depicted black athletes as sexual predators.

ok a few things. dungy's got a point, but i think his ire is directed in the wrong direction. sure abc played up the racial discourse of black man as a hypersexual subject, but really, is that anything new? i mean, isn't one of the reasons that the NFL is so popular is this whole homoerotic thing that's going on with football and sports in general? i think that dungy should be mad as the kind of outrage that people are expressing. no one will say it, but one of the reasons that everyone is so put off is because it's a black dude stealing away a white woman. if you need a lesson on the history of this discourse, i just don't have the time. read any sociology book on race and you'll find that this stuff has been going on for centuries. of course, the naked lady in the commercial was shocking, but add to that a visual depiction of white people's worst fears, a black guy carrying away a white woman to have sex with her, and then you get people getting pissy and calling the FCC.

second point, michael powell, the FCC chairman, is a douchebag. here's his quote:
I wonder if Walt Disney would be proud. (disney owns abc)
you mean the same walt disney who blacklisted communists during the red scare and openly discriminated against jewish people? puh-leeze. what an asinine remark. i wonder what mlk or malcolm x would think of your bugie-uncle-tom ass.

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