peter king

normally, i can't stand peter king. he's one of those writers that seems to always work in banal cliches about team work, america and cutesy stuff that which analytical sports guys like me loathe. in other words, he's the perfect football writer for middle america, which i think really contributes to his overall popularity. in turn, that also makes him the premier writer on football out there today, in the same way that peter gammons is the premier writer for baseball. it's not that they both write exceptionally well (although i think that gammons is extremely above average), it's just that their personality and popularity gives them access to information that other sports writers don't get from front office people and athletes.

anyways, i read king's monday morning quarterback column on CNN.com religiously. you should too. like i said, it's always going to have some things that annoy me, but if you can filter out all the b.s. such as his coffee stories, it's got pretty much everything you need to know about what happened the past weekend in the NFL with good and sometimes interesting (even midly controversial sometimes) commentary. today, he wrote what i thought was an especially good column. highlights include a good story about dave roberts, the red sox outfielder, a good analysis about fox's piece on daunte culpepper, and proper chastising of qb's who throw too many interceptions, particularly one sorry overrated sonuvabitch who went to ASU.

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