quick hits

ok, i've really got to work on my thesis, so i'll just give you some quick hits.

1) more courtney love stuff: nothing too exciting, other than she's pleading innocent to beating up another musician. i guess i knew this, but the E!online article really slammed it home for me. she's involved in four different court proceedings right now. poor frances.

2) U2 is releasing their album via MTV: i'm a little disappointed in U2's stance on this whole thing. i'm cool with rushing the release of the album, but their stance against file sharing is dumb. i bought the single, the iTunes download, and i'll buy the album. they have nothing to worry about as far as not making money on this album.

3) backdoor draft update: the army is not sending that guy that i wrote about a few days ago to iraq. thank god. keep your eye out though, no telling how many other people are in the same situation. on a related note, i actually got an email from zentronix thanking me for posting about this story (the guy who got recalled is zentronix's cousin). i feel validated and my complex about being a part of the quasi-asian-pop-culture-blogger community is doing much better now.

4) a bunch of ABC affiliates are not going to show saving private ryan tonight because they're scared of possible FCC fines. it's a weird situation, because clearly, showing saving private ryan in its unedited form will violate FCC rules. however, i doubt sincerely that the FCC will hand out fines to the affiliates that do show it. if you thought that the janet jackson backlash was bad, could you even imagine what the backlash would be about censoring a rah-rah america! movie? i guess you could look at it both ways. on the one hand, it's unamerican from a "i love america" kinda way, since it glorifies the american military. but on the other hand, it also shows the horrors of war quite well, which could be viewed as anti-war. one thing is for sure though, the FCC are still a bunch of douchebags.

5) just plain pathetic.

6) the crazy kids at texas A&M are still going to have a bonfire before the texas game. this after twelve, count-em, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12, students died in 1999 building a fire. i dunno, i suppose that they can make changes to make it safer, but i think by definition an 80 foot bonfire is going to always be dangerous. in a way, the people who feel it necessary to have a bonfire are kinda saying "f you" to the memories of those kids who died. some things i can understand dying for. freedom, family, hot babes, yes. school spirit, no. i doubt sincerely that the kids who died would've consciously risked their life for the sake of beating the longhorns.

again, i apologize for the decrease in posting. i'm almost done with my draft of my thesis, and i'm already a year and a half late with this thing, so i've got to get it done soon.


Erik said...

Dammit, Bob, quit procrastinating on your blog by doing work on your thesis. Where are your priorities? And how am I supposed to set up my fantasy team for it's complete thrashing of Splooge Forts without your picks?

Anonymous said...

dear erik,

congratulations on taking the trash talk to other corners of the internet. like that justin spare that bob linked to, you are bringing light to the dark places of the world. seriously, what does the rest of the world think about the cataclysmic event that will be the hard ons vs. the spank forts? bob, any feedback from zentronix on this?