some light reading

since this blog tries to position itself as one about sports and pop culture, here are two articles that i read today that i think are worth checking out.

#1) sports - phil taylor of cnnsi.com seems to think that athletes shouldn't try to stump for political candidates like curt schilling did for bush the other day in a good morning america interview. while i do agree that in the forum of an interview that's supposed to be about the red sox winning the world series, it's sorta irresponsible to use your stature as an athlete to do such pandering. which in the context of that particular interview, is exactly what he was doing. but on the other hand, i'm not sure it's really that different from athletes hawking whatever charity that they're involved with, since most likely, they know nothing about the root causes of the social problem. what's the most interesting thing about this piece is that schilling is supporting bush. i would say that most of the media has demonized any celebrities as liberal wackos when they endorse liberal candidates or causes. so in a sense, i am kinda glad that someone is getting some of this medicine for being a conservative. anyways, it's interesting to see a sports writer call out an athlete for being conservative.

#2) pop culture - a piece in the NYT by kalefa saneh (login required for NYT.com, use bugmenot.com to get a free one*). it's about the concept of rockism as a system of preserving white male privelege. i've been making this argument forever, but it's nice to see the mainstream press pick up on it.

* bugmenot.com has released an extension for firefox that alows you to log in to sites without having to give any of your personal information. you can get it here.

update: the bugmenot extension doesn't work real well on the big sites like nytimes.com or latimes.com. bastards!

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