not a pop culture post, but interesting nonetheless. i got this from zentronix via pop life. it seems that instead of the back door draft, the armed forces have resorted to recalling every single person who is a part of the reserves, including this guy who fulfilled his obligation eight years ago. what's curious to me is that the army or bush hasn't been quick to just say, "hey my bad, thanks for serving, must've been some mixup." i mean if you wanted to allay people's fear of a backdoor draft of their fears of the war getting worse, isn't that the smart thing to do? no instead they just tell him, "we'll look into it." which means one of two things. either 1) the army has its head up its ass dealing with the stuff that's really going on in the mideast causing someone in PR to drop the ball on what's really a simple mistake, or 2) they're trying to find a way to get this guy over to iraq anyway. either way it sucks. also, please note the last name of the gentleman who might get called over there.

blog meta-note: i feel like a junior high school kid who just moved in and wants to be able to hang out with the cool kids with the blogs listed above. it seems like that there is this circle of asian guys who are in academia and blog and write about pop culture. which is kinda what i feel like i do, except i haven't been published anywhere like they have. i love their blogs and i want desperately for them to read my blog and to be a part of their circle. i just don't know how except to send the really lame, "hey you're great! read my blog too!" email. i guess i could start writing music reviews and somehow getting them published somewhere, but i just can't do that with the workload i've got right now with school (which incidentally, is why i haven't posted a whole lot for the past few days). dammit i want to join this gang so bad! this really doesn't have anything to do with anything else, but it's giving me a complex.

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Jeff said...

hey thanks for posting about my cousin. we got great news yesterday--david's order has been revoked. just in time for veteran's day. we're still gonna try to make noise about this because we don't know how many others there are out there in david's exact same situation, but for today, we're just celebrating.