who i'm going to vote for instead of eddie van halen this year

you may have noticed that i have added another blog to my blog links on the right there. boing boing seems to me to be the paradigmatic blog that seems to get all the goofy links, and interesting news before any other blog.

anyways, i found this little flash cartoon on there today. i think for most people it will only be mildly amusing, but for those of you who spent a great deal of time watching the g.i. joe cartoon as a kid, it should be good trip down memory lane.

p.s. bonus g.i. joe link! i was looking for a g.i. joe link for this blog, and i ended finding sendups of those ridiculously goofy public service announcements that they did at the end of every cartoon. this one is my favorite.

p.p.s. explanation of post title: in high school, when we had to vote for student council or prom king or crap like that, for every single one of them, without exception, i would write in my candidate, one edward van halen.

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