why kerry lost the election or we are sooooo screwed

so i'm sittin' here at my job in the computer lab, and there's usually a class in here in the mornings. a student walks in and asks me if class is cancelled. i tell them that teachers are supposed to contact us if class is cancelled, but they almost always forget. she says that there's a sign outside that class is cancelled. i then say, "well that probably means that class is cancelled." i go out and look at the signs which must have just been posted. i see that the sign has the class name, the name of the instructor and the time and date of the class and think "oh, ok, class is cancelled". at least nine other students proceed to come in and ask me if class is cancelled.

my point is, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to get out the youth vote. if you asked me if i trusted 18-21 year olds at UCSB to make informed decisions regarding our country and future, what do you suppose my answer would be? in addition to ohio, florida, conservative christians, nascar dads, and big oil, i'm placing the blame squarely on p. diddy and his tactics that only encourage a culture of fear (does it count when democrats do it?). anyways, i just wanted to let p. diddy and all of the other people who worked to get out the vote that you have categorically failed us. the blood of iraqi civilians is on your hands as well as everyone else's. way to go.

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