bobby the gook, week 13

i've been bogged down with end of the quarter crap, so i really haven'd had time to think about the games. i didn't do so bad with a stuffy head last week, so maybe, i'll just go willy nilly again and see if that helps any. this week, all gut picks, no thinking about home and away, no thinking about look ahead games or let downs, it's just whether or not i think the underdog is good enough to cover. anyways, last week: me - 8-8, season - 92-79-4 (.538), fredo 9-7, season 91-80-4 (.532). it's so close, so close now...anyways, point spreads from caesar's/hilton, home team in bold.

NYJ (-6.5) over HOU
f the texans. david carr is precariously close to taking the proverbial step backward this season. he has in my estimation the second best reciever in the NFL and the texans still can't move the ball in the air enough.

CIN (+7) over BAL
that ohio showdown game was something else huh? i wish i could have seen it. anyways, i think jamal lewis is out again, so that leaves the ravens with nothing on offense. carson palmer finally put up some decent numbers, but three INTs to go with those 4 TDs. i know, i know, the ravens' secondary is better than cleveland's, but scoring on defense is such a fluky thing. you should never count on defensive scores.

NE (-10) over CLE
ten points is alot, but the browns aren't playing the bengals' defense. this line is actually from ESPN. for some reason, the line is off right now on the vegas.com site, so there might be something up with an injury or something. so who knows.

ARI (+6) over DET
never picking the lions again.

IND (-11) over TEN
even with 11 points, can you pick against peyton? mcnair should retire. i have a feeling that in 20 years we're gonna see him on one of those news segments where the guy who played in the NFL basically can't walk.

MIN (-7.5) over CHI
i heard that chutch is starting at QB for the bears so that the organization can assess who's going to be the backup qb next year. bad times for bears fans. give me 50 bucks here (6-6 on the big bet).

BUF (-4) over MIA
mcgahee makes his homecoming, yadda yadda yadda, scores another three TDs. i really feel that miami should be getting more points here, so something may be amiss here.

ATL (+1.5) over TAM
this line confuses me as well. look ahead game? trap? oh yeah, no second guessing. the falcons are the superior team here. also, i've noticed that i've been using the wrong abbreviation for the buccaneers. fredo is correct, it is TAM, not TB

SFO (+11) over STL
the niners suck, but not 11 points more than the rams here. also, i've been using the wrong abbreviation for the niners as well, it's SFO, not SF.

CAR (+1.5) over NO
another weird line. especially with the way the panthers have played the past two weeks. myabe vegas is betting on the inconsistency of the saints. they've sucked pretty hard for the last two weeks so maybe vegas thinks that they'll be better this week. how the hell am i supposed to know. i'll go with the hot team here.

KC (PK) over OAK
the snow win for the raiders is just a toss up and not an issue of them turning some sort of corner. that was a tough loss for KC last week too. they played well enough last week to win most games. while the raiders still have their head up their collective asses. also, this is another ESPN point spread.

SD (-3) over DEN
can you believe that the broncos are playing for their playoff lives? i can, jake plummer sucks and he'll be the difference in this game as well, as brees will easily outplay him.

WAS (-2) over NYG
despite what all the pundits seem to think, eli manning is not that good yet, end of story. in fact, i'm wondering if he will even come close to bieng a legitimate winner in this league. he just doesn't seem to have those moments of brilliance that you would expect from a number 1 pick. the skins d will really shine today as the giants are banged up and bad, not a good combo.

PHI (-6.5) over GB
this was a tough one to pick, so i just went with the home team.

JAX (+3) over PIT
i refuse to believe that the steelers are good enough to not lose another game. this one seems like the right team at the right time.

DAL (+7) over SEA
f the seahawks. the tendency for seattle receivers to drop balls that land right in their hands will offset the problems that the cowboys have in their secondary. shaun alexander had a bad game last week, and while regular logic dictates that he'll bounce back, i can see tuna being able to gameplan well enough here to load up against the run effectively. while vinnie and julius are good for at least a couple of touchdowns. ok, so i went a little analytical on you here, but it's the cowboys, what'd you expect.

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Anonymous said...

fredo's quick picks

HOU over NYJ

CIN over BAL

NE over CLE

ARI over DET

IND over TEN

MIN over CHI

BUF over MIA

TAM over ATL (trap)

SFO over STL

CAR over NO

OAK over KC

SD over DEN

NYG over WAS

GB over PHI

JAX over PIT

SEA over DAL