bobby the gook, week 14

jesus christ, i hate school sometimes. the quarter officially ends today and i still have to finish a paper and finish grading for the class i TA for. i've been so busy that i've more than neglected the blog. i should be commenting on things such as the dimebag darrell shooting, but i just haven't had the time (in case you were wondering, i just think that it's interesting that when violence breaks out at a rap concert, it's because the people were thugs, while when it happens at white people concerts, it's because the people were crazy, just something to think about). what makes it all the worse is that i totally kicked ass on my picks last week and i haven't had the chance to gloat. despite my stellar record that you will see below, i still managed to lose about forty bucks because the freakin' vikings lost to the bears and chutch. and that was the team on my three team parlay that i felt the best about. anyways, i've got another one going this weekend, so let's hope it all works out. anyways last week, me - 12-3-1, season - 104-82-5 (.559); fredo - 10-5-1, season - 101-85-5 (.543). yahootie, i'm smart! as always, point spreads from casear's/hilton, home team in bold. this is a tough week kiddos, so pay close attention.

CIN (+11) over NE
carson palmer is the prime example of what joey harrington is not. the first few years, while not steadily spectacular, will show flashes of brilliance, the same way david carr did early in the year. i think he's going to keep the good play going, to keep it within 10 pts.

CLE (+12) over BUF
i'm cheating here. fredo did some research and found out that teams coming off a loss to new england have been really good covering the spread. again, the bills win, but the browns will keep it close.

BAL (-10) over NYG
eli manning, say hello to ray lewis and ed reed. and at least two picks, one going for a td. eli's looking like he's going to be ok, but the giants are playing for next year.

GB (-9.5) over DET
sure the lions won last week, but i'm going to stick with never picking the lions again.

MIN (-6.5) over SEA
was that monday night game kick ass or what? seattle is retarded. i can't believe i put money on them during the preseason to win the superbowl. i blame it all on holmgren. seriously, hasn't this guy been given the longest leash for someone who only has one superbowl. i wonder how long he would've gotten if he were black. the only thing to worry about here is if this is the time of year where the vikes go into the annual end of season collapse. game one of this week's three team parlay.

ATL (-8) over OAK
kerry collins looks like he finally removed his head from his a-hole, but i think that last week's falcon loss was a blip on the radar on the way to a deep playoff run.

JAX (-7.5) over CHI
i am still seriously pissed off about the bears winning last week. but i think it says more about minnesota than it does about the bears. jags roll here in game 2 of my parlay and i'm going to bet 50 bucks against the bears again (6-7 on the big bet).

DAL (-7.5) over NO
maybe i'm overreacting about last week's win, but i think julius jones is looking to be a pretty brilliant draft pick by parcells. this looks like the game where the saints might play well, but it seems that they've completely given up on the season. i think it's a miracle that haslet hasn't been fired yet.

IND (-11.5) over HOU
it's tempting to take the home dogs here...just kidding. if you have edgerrin james on your fantasy team, you should expect two or three touchdowns as peyton is trying to save the record breaker for home.

NYJ (+6) over PIT
i'm just going to go ahead and always pick against the steelers here as i'm almost 99% sure that they'll lose one more game before the end of the season. the eagles and pats might finish 15-1, but not the steelers. the jets have a good good run defense too. don't think that big ben is the next great qb, he may be in the future, but remember kids, he's still a rookie. this is bet number 3 on the parlay. let's hope it works out for us.

MIA (+12) over DEN
can't pass up those points against the team that is qb'ed by jake the fake. was i right about him last week in the chargers game or what? anyways, denver keeps it on the ground much more towards the end of the year, so i suspect a relatively low scoring game.

CAR (-7) over STL
i'm starting to worry about my super bowl hangover theory. the panthers have looked awfully good the past few weeks. the rams have to fire martz at the end of this season. he's terrible.

ARI (-7) over SFO
no doubt this epic clash of titans will be the game shown in santa barabara this weekend. luckily i'll be in pasadena so i won't have to watch this abomination of a football game. this actually mirrors my fantasy football league, as this week, i have to win so i don't finish in dead last place. although, it's quite likely that i will lose.

TB (+5.5) over SD
i'm really not sure about this one. my theory here is similar to my steelers theory. the chargers aren't going to finish the season 13-3, so a loss is imminent at some point. although it breaks my heart to pick against them. especially since i'm hoping that drew brees will be the next dallas cowboys quarterback.

PHI (-9.5) over WAS
the skins are simply not good enough to put together two wins. philly looked awesome last week and they completely dismantled the packers. i think that they will go 15-1 this year, so i probably won't pick against them for the rest of the year unless the line is ridiculous.

KC (+1.5) over TEN
what do either of these teams have to play for? they should do something to liven games like this up at the end of the year, like replace the football with a medicine ball and not allow passing, or some tricked up crap like that.

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Anonymous said...

here it is-

CIN over NE
CLE over BUF - using the post-new england theory
NYG over BAL
GB over DET
MIN over SEA
OAK over ATL
CHI over JAX
NO over DAL
IND over HOU
NYJ over PIT
DEN over MIA
CAR over STL
ARI over SF
TAM over SD
PHI over WAS
KC over TEN