bobby the gook, week 16

i know, i know, it's as if i've just given up on the blog. fear not kids, i'm just in texas for vacation, so i'm relegated to dial up in the kitchen since our other phone jacks don't seem to be working. anyways, i have much to blog about, but the usual holiday nonsense is taking up a lot of my time. in any case, there are some friday games i think, so i better post the results from the last couple of weeks as well as my picks for this week. we've had some less than great results this past week, but fredo has a really bad week in week 14 and i think this gives me a commanding lead at this point. here are the results from the last couple of weeks:

week 14
me 8-8
fredo 5-11

week 15
me 7-8-1
fredo 8-7-1

me 119-98-6 (.548)
fredo 114-103-6 (.525)
anyways, here are this weeks picks. home team in bold:

MIN (-3) over GB
man did the vikings get lucky last week. but i think that moss looks 100% again, and the vikes shake the jinx by effectively winning the division this week.

KC (-8) over OAK
where were you at the beginning of the season, oh might chiefs offense? the chiefs haven't been doing anything but covering recently. i think the offense keeps it going here.

TEN (+4) over DEN
home underdogs coming off a strong performance against overrated team, coach, and quarterback? billy volek for president! although i suspect that chris brown will have the big game here.

BAL (+5.5) over PIT
you know the spiel (sp?) by now, the steelers have got to lose again at some point, especially since the patriots lost last week. i also feel that the steelers have been more lucky than good lately, so i'm going to count on their luck running out.

DET (-6) over CHI
after i say that i'm not picking the lions ever again, they go and cover two weeks in a row. let's see how this works out this week.

CIN (-6) over NYG
i'm not sure if carson palmer is back or not, but i think i'm just rooting for eli to have one of the worst rookie seasons ever.

IND (-6.5) over SD
i hate picking against a team i like with a qb that i don't like personally, but as i've said many times before, no sense in getting off of this train. however, there is hope for chargers' fan as they've been playing the pass quite well in the second half of the season.

JAX (-7) over HOU
i just realized that i didn't put down a big bet last week. oh well, give me fifty bucks on the jags this week (7-7 on the big bet)

CAR (+2.5) over TAM
a most interesting game here. i picked up the panthers defense for the oter fantasy league that i'm in and i'm hoping that will translate into big points against a fairly mediocre bucs offense.

NO (-5) over ATL
huh? trap of some sort? i don't know. damn it, i wish i would have seen this line before i made my picks in the office pool (we only have to pick winners there, and oddly enough, i'm actually doing a lot better here in the point spread pickins). i have no idea what's going on with this line, so i'm ust going to assume it's a trap.

NE (-2.5) over NYJ
a couple of things that i need to say here. i seriously can't believe that the patriots lost last week. what's most surprising is the way they lost, just boneheaded play after boneheaded play. anyways, i'm sure that they'll bounce back. the other thing i need to say is that chad pennington is a sorry son of a bitch. i've been meaning to blog about this but i haven't been able to find all of the good quotes. anyways, in case you didn't see, he went on a little mini-tirade in a press conference about how the jets have been covered unfairly and how covering the jets is a privelege and not a right. hey pretty boy, go stuff the pontification up your ass. because of this, i've elevated him past peyton manning as my least favorite nfl player and i will root against the jets from here on out. normally i would say take the home dog here, but since i hate chad pennington, i'm going to say f him.

SF (+11) over BUF
i heard that mcgahee is out and without him, the bills are quite an ordinary team.

DAL (+2.5) over WAS
the cowboys are el stinko, but parcells has gibbs number. and lest we forget god, hates joe gibbs.

ARI (+7) over SEA
seattle is another team that has gotten extremely lucky over the past couple of weeks and i see complete let down here. i never thought that josh mccown was that bad and i bet with the ay the NFC west shaped up that dennis green had wished that he had not pulled the trigger on the qb change so early.

MIA (-8) over CLE
i don't even know who is starting at qb for the browns.

STL (-2.5) over PHI
andy reid does the smart thing and only plays mcnabb for a quarter, a half at the most. in other news, the general concensus is that the eagles are done without T.O. well, just count me in with the general concensus, iggles are done.

it's f-in cold here in texas. i can't wait to get back to so-cal.

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Anonymous said...

here are fredo's picks. i got them this morning so the vikings packers game is legit.