bobby the slacker gook, week 15

goddamit, i don't know what the hell i've been doing, but it sure as hell hasn't been paying attention to the blog. sorry kids, i'm tired and i've been playing lots of video games. anyways, i'll catch you up in the standings in a later post.

here are fredo's picks. they go first since he posted them first.

PIT over NYG - i have this in a parlay this weekend.
WAS over SF - this one, too.
CAR over ATL - ditto.
CHI over HOU - the bear's defense in the snow ought to cover.
BUF over CIN - i feel like this spread should be bigger, meaning look out for a trap, but i'm taking the bills anyway.
SD over CLE - another parlay pick.
MIN over DET - no idea.
NYJ over SEA - seattle will finish at .500.
PHI over DAL - stay away from it, though.
DEN over KC - i guess.
TAM over NO - blowout.
ARI over STL - like holmgren, martz is also trying to finish at .500.
JAX over GB - i should fear the frozen tundra, but that's just what they want me to do.
OAK over TEN - coin flip.
IND over BAL - also in a parlay. i think the colts will need at least 28 points to cover. why not?
NE over MIA - another why the f not?

i'm not sure if he took the spread into consideration, but i'll just assume he did unless he tells me different. here are my picks, home team in bold.

PIT (-10.5) over NYG
WAS (-6.5) over SF
CAR (+3) over ATL
NYJ (-6.5) over SEA
DAL (+12.5) over PHI
MIN (-3) over DET
CLE (+10) over SD
BUF (-2) over CIN
GB (-3.5) over JAX
CHI (-1) over HOU
TB (-8) over NO
STL (-3) over ARI
KC (-2) over DEN
OAK (-3) over TEN
IND (-8) over BAL
NE (-10) over MIA

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