does anyone know where i can trade in two masters degrees for a PhD?

i'm literally minutes away from my MA defense, after which i will be the proud recipient of yet another meaningless masters degrees. you see with two masters, people will be twice as likely to not take me seriously. anyways, at least i can add people with only one masters degree to the list of people that i am better than. anyways, i guess i better get over to the conference room. thanks to all of my faithful blog readers, all 4 of you, for well...nothing, you really had nothing to do with me completing this...well, the blog was actually a good procrastination tool, so if you think about it, you actually have hindered me from completing my degree here. so thanks for nothing.

but seriously, everyone reading this better leave a congratulatory comment or i'm going to have to kick someone's ass.

bob ngo, MPA and MA.


Anonymous said...

What happened to MA(P+1)?! I thought the nerdiness of it was priceless. Congratulations all the same though.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I know there are more than 4 people who read your blog though, since I've gotten more than a couple of my buddies hooked on your weekly football picks...

Erik said...

Congratufrickinlations, a-hole. Now get back to doing my homework for me.

The MB said...

I guess this makes me reader #4. Any idea where I can trade in 4 1/2 years of PhD program work for ONE frickin masters?!

You don't know how good you have it.

And thanks for the link to the "dinosaurs on noah's ark" story. That one made my day.

Glad to see someone's still doing good work out there in blog land (UNLIKE "TMIB...E").