fun times at border's books

one paper down, one to go! i'll be so happy when this quarter is over so i can get a decent night's sleep. anyways, today i had some time to kill in between shifts at the computer lab today, so i went to border's with the intention of picking up some paperbacks for my upcoming christmas trip home. it's been a while since i've been to the bookstore, and overall, it was a pretty uneventful trip, but there are a few things worth noting.

1) pamela anderson has a new book out. a novel no less, called star. the description on the dust cover looked super goofy, but the really weird thing is that she co-wrote it with another real writer. now why don't we venture a guess as to how much of the book pammy wrote and how much the co-writer wrote...just goofy. anyways, at least the dust jacket has a good picture on the front.

2) there are about eight magazines with U2 on the cover. i picked up spin and for the first time in my life, i wasn't completely annoyed with everything in it. did anyone else know that dave eggers of AHWOSG fame is now a regular columnist for spin? as you can imagine, his column was full of generation x whining about nothing. if you couldn't guess, i'm not a fan of mr. eggers work. anyways, i have also come to the conclusion that as much as i hate chuck klosterman and that smug grin that he permanently has on his mug, i have to admit, he's a pretty good writer. he had two pieces in this issue, one on the concept of the perfectly rated bands, bands that are neither underrated or overrated. and the piece is genius. he also wrote the feature story about U2 and it was also pretty good. i actually saw him give a talk at a pop music conference in seattle once. his talk was completely stupid. his basic thesis is that we as music listeners tend to designate certain songs as socially important when maybe they were socially important only because they were really good songs. think about that...only "good" songs become socially significant...yeah...i know. anyways, he had that stupid grin on his face the whole time and he mentioned at least four times that he was a big kiss fan. in other words, he's your parigdigmatic ironic doofus hipster, but he's got a sweet gig. anyways, there's also a very interesting story about elliott smith's last days. this issue was so good, i'm actually contemplating getting a subscription.

3) another music writer that tends to get on my nerves is rob sheffield of rolling stone. however, like chuckie, he's written a pretty entertaining review of the new U2 album. even if you don't like U2, the first paragraph should make you chuckle.

4) this has nothiing to do with anything but i'm listeting to radio@netscape and it's playing an acoustic version of some avril lavigne song. good god this is horrible. how is this dumb canadian famous? i guess that chuck klosterman can cross this song off his socialy significant list of songs.

5) two other new books of note: there's a new godfather book. even though mario puzo died a long time ago, the publishing company probably ruined his legacy by having some writer that no one has ever heard of write a sequel. this despite the fact that there was already a movie sequel. also, there's a new michael crichton book. the dust jacket description sounded a lot like the plot to the da vinci code. i have to admit, i'm a michael crichton junkie. i realize that his books are dumb and mindless, but something about the way he writes just gets me juiced up, despite the fact i recently found out that he's a conservative douchebag. anyways, i'll probably wait for the paperback.

5) holy crap! the radio@netscape thing only lets me listen for three hours a day, unless i become an aol member. why in the world would i do that? anyways, i went fishing for other things to listen to and i just found out that the greatest radio station in these united states, WXRT in chicago, is finally being broadcast over the internet. this is the ultimate in ironic doofus hipster radio. praise be to god.

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