just a bunch of real interesting stuff from all over the net.

1) nike is in trouble for vandalizing bus stops in singapore. i suppose it's an innovative campaign, but it's such a dick thing to do. the super smart thing about this is that nike now gets free publicity because the singaporean (does anyone know the word to describe the people of singapore?) government is pissed off. if i were singapore, i'd fine the living crap out of nike or outlaw their products or something. i mean when that one kid spray painted those cars the singapore police beat the crap out of him with the cane. unfortunately since it's a corporation we're dealing with here, probably nothing is going to happen. and man that's so f-ed up. basically someone in the nike marketing department came up with this idea, probably fully aware that vandalism is illegal in most countries, and said, "screw your laws, we need to advertise." what if i decided to walk into nike headquarters in oregon and started spray painting my face all over their campus. would they be ok with the idea that i was just trying to establish my brand with nike employees? then they shouldn't be ok with them trying to establish their brand by being douchebags. i don't know why i'm so worked up about this, but it just seems real shitty.

2) from boingboing.net: apparently, someone is building a creation museum in kentucky. according to the website, the purpose of the museum is to
proclaim to the world that the Bible is the supreme authority in all matters of faith and practice and in every area it touches on. This ‘walk through history’ museum will be a wonderful alternative to the evolutionary natural history museums that are turning countless minds against the gospel of Christ and the authority of the Scripture.
fundamental christians can be so cute sometimes, like naive little kids who think that the tooth fairy and santa claus are real. anyways, if you're inclined, i highly recommend spending some time reading through their FAQ (particularly my favorite section on how they come to the conclusion that there were dinosaurs on noah's ark), and laugh condescendingly at the complete, willful, and disdainful ignorance of people who attempt to reconcile the bible with the fossil record, and their utter failure to do so. my four year old cousin could come up with a more coherent logic system then these people.

3) an interesting, but essentially dumb article on slate, about the college basketball exhibition circuit. you know, the non-college teams made up of NCAA players who couldn't get drafted, like the marathon oil team or the pella windows team. anyways, the article is about one of the teams that is sponsored by campus crusade for christ, and how the NCAA stopped letting D-I schools schedule these kinds of teams because of some kind of recruiting stuff. the article says that one of the reasons that these games really got killed was that the christian team was actually too good and was beating schools. well if you look at the team's schedule, you'll see that the didn't beat any legitimate college baksetball programs. the point i wanted to make in connection with the creation museum is that somehow evangelical christians always have the dumbest, most non-sensical logic systems. the general philosphy of these people is that christ has chosen for them, athletics as the way in which they can save other people. which in essense, is pretty much the same thing as kurt warner thanking jesus after he won the super bowl. hey kurt, if jesus loved you so much, why is your career in the toilet now? same thing with these athletes: if jesus wanted you to spread his word through basketball, he would have made you better so that you could reach more people through your NBA stardom. why didn't jesus choose michael jordan, the greatest basketball player on earth to spread his message. wouldn't that have made more sense? no, these things can't be taken into considertation, instead, you pretty much suck so now you use religion as some excuse as to why you're not a better player. somehow these a-holes conveniently ignore the short-sightedness and obtuseness of their logic system and just keep preachin'. anyways, the point is, it's a good thing that D-I schools no longer have to tolerate these a-holes (and yes, if you are trying to convert anyone, that makes you an a-hole...which pretty much makes all of christianity a-holes).

4) you have probably noticed that i haven't sounded off on the whole bonds and giambi on steroids thing. and i know this is sortuva copout, but i really just don't care. i've reconciled myself to the fact that several athletes use steroids. and while it does taint (heh heh) the sport somewhat, it's not the worst thing i think you can do. for me the hypocritical thing is that we as a sports mad society set these athletes up to win via illegal means. if we weren't so obsessed with winning at all costs, if we didn't agree to pay exhorbitant amounts of money for tickets, replica jerseys, and beer at games, and if we didn't deify our athletes so much, then maybe athletes wouldn't feel such pressure do things that hurt their body in order to succeed. maybe for them, the five or six years taken off at the end of their life wouldn't be worth the immediate success right now. cuz let's face it, in the big picture, ultimately the only people who are hurt are the ones who take steroids. and if they are willing up to give quality of life in the long term for immeidate payoff (sometimes in the form of multimillion dollar contracts), then that's their right to do. i suppose there's some stuff that i could comment on in terms of how it's being talked about (in the way i would about the ron artest deal), but i haven't had time to read much of the stuff...maybe later.

5) it's now more certain that pat tillman, the AZ cards linebacker who quit football to join the army died from friendly fire. i've already said my two cents about how i feel about the whole pat tillman deal (to find out, type in pat tillman in the handy dandy search box there on the right), but i do think that people who talked about "his noble sacrifice" ought to rethink their sentiments. what's so noble about a group of soldiers who can't get their shit together? so i guess it turns out that tillman didn't die protecting our country. instead he died because his fellow americans' itchy trigger fingers.

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