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done with the paper...just have to grade now, which is easy, since i just end up giving everyone a B+ except for the really hot chicks in class, who get A's. but seriously, hopefully i'll be able to get back to wasting your time and mine with more blogging.

1) campaigning for oscars becomes politcal. christian groups are urging very strongly that academy voters pick the passion of christ for best picture and what not. click here to see one person's really stupid website, that urges you to sign a petition that demands that mel gibson and his movie be recognized. here's a quote from the front page
It’s common practice for a movie company to re-release a major motion picture in the run up to the Oscars. These companies rarely make a significant amount of addition profit, but the re-release allows these companies to run promotional ads on television to build public support for their respective films, their director, actors, etc. In essence, these companies “campaign” for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor Oscars, and more.

Well, Mel Gibson – class act that he is – has recently announced he will run no such ads to promote his powerful film The Passion of The Christ.

Therefore, it is up to us out here in the grassroots of mainstream America to take our message to Hollywood.
as you might guess, my response is what an a-hole. as if hollywood goes out of its way to offend christian sensibilities. anyways, i hope to god it doesn't get nominated so that i don't have to watch it in preparation for the oscars. also, michael moore is actively campaigning for fahrenheit 9/11. i've always thought that campaigning for your film was a little tacky, but not that michael moore is doing it, i think that it's a lot tacky.

2) jermaine dupri is organizing a follow up for we are the world. i'm all for it as long as li'l jon gets to say "yeahhhhhh, whhhhhaaattttttt, okaaaaayyyy" during the intro.

3) more god + entertainment news. i really don't know what to make of this.

4) i don't know what to make of this either. johnny depp is good, but i fear this may signal shark jumpage.

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