the ragin' asian reviews the life aquatic with steve zizzou

one week late no less. what really sucks is that i actually saw it before most people in the country saw it. i was in LA last weekend and i hanging out with helene who happens to live next to one of only two theaters in the nation to be showing the life aquatic. but no, my procrastinating ways has prevented me from posting a review until now. it's weird, seeing as how i don't have any real deadlines to meet for school right now, you'd think i'd be blogging like crazy. but instead, i'm treating my blog like my newly completed thesis and just trying not to think about it. anyways, i head home tomorrow, but i'll try to be better about blogging then. anyways, on with the review.

i must confess that i love wes anderson's movies. i've recently decided that the royal tennenbaums is one of my top three movies, maybe even my favorite movie of all time. for his first three movies, anderson pretty much perfected the formula for goofy and quirky, yet somehow touching and sentimental at the same time. the life aquatic is much of the same. the general premise of the movie, a jacques cousteau type person in bill murray searching for the shark that killed his best friend, provides most of the goofy and quirky. the touching and sentimental is brought out through a subplot of luke wilson as the illegitimate child of bill murray and their attempt to forge a relationship. and it works just fine. the only problem is that it feels alot like a more elaborate version of the tennenbaums. on the one hand it's interesting to see what wes anderson can do with a huge budget, as a film like this one surely commanded. at the same time, it kinda feels like wes spent a little too much time on the more technical aspects of the movie instead of directing. as erik, who along with helene, i saw the movie with said that the movie never quite came together for him. and i'm inclined to agree with him to a point. there was a good thirty - forty minutes in the middle of the movie where i really hod no idea what was going on. but i think that it came together nicely at the end. anyways, my final verdict, good flick, better than rushmore, not as good as tennenbaums.

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