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so here's a nice little story on CNNSI.com about kansas city chiefs tight end, tony gonzalez, and how when he was younger he used to get picked on by a couple of bullies and how he was able to overcome that to become the premier tight end in the league. anyways, i don't give a rat's ass about that. what i wanted to highlight was this great passage from the article.
Now Gonzalez is sharing his experiences in a book for children entitled Catch and Connect, which also details other parts of a life that's taken him from a tough neighborhood in Huntington Beach, Calif., to stardom in the NFL.
tough neighborhood in huntington beach huh? i'm sure it's as tough as those tough neighborhoods in winnetka, IL or sausalito, CA. i think it's great that he overcame the bullies, but come on, tough neighborhoods in huntington beach?

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Lane said...

Hey, Bob, here's a comment for you. Isn't it weird to just write and write and write and wonder if anyone in the whole world is reading it? Well, tonight, I'm your official reader. I have to agree with you that Huntington Beach doesn't sound that tough, but maybe they've got a mean surfing crowd or something.