sad day in wrigleyville

the purge in cubby land continues as the cubs just finalized the sammy sosa trade to the orioles.

sports really is something isn't it. isn't it just a little unfathomable that the most popular player in cubs history gets traded? just like it's unfathomable that jerry rice would wear anything but a niner's uniform, or that the emmitt smith is rotting away in a cardinals uniform, or that jordan would sully his legacy by being a washington freakin wizard. i have nothing to say on this really, except that i think it's just really sad that teams can't work these kinds of things out (disclosure: sammy is one of my favorite players of all time). but let's face it, sammy started his decline in production a couple of years ago, so there was no reason to tie up all that salary that they're going to need to resign wood and prior. it's just a reminder of how despite how much emotion we invest in sports, how much of our faith we invest in athletes, sports is just another social institution, and our heroes are nothing more than bodies located in time and space.

the worst part of this is that the orioles are one of the most boring teams in all of baseball. i suppose sammy should help in this department with his personality, but i can't bring myself to root for the o's to be successful.


minor league basketball wackiness

ashley mcelhiney, the first woman ever to coach a men's professional sports team, got canned yesterday. what makes this story really wheels off is that the owner actually tried to fire her during the game when she played a player that the owner didn't want played that night. anyways, sure we could talk about the "would this have ever happened to a male coach", but honestly, i'm much more interested in the spectacle of an owner trying to get on the court and firing the coach midway through the game. i mean what if a coach decided to hold out for contract negotiations during the middle of a game?


super bowl hypocrisy

here's a story about how janet jackson is going back to the super bowl. the funny thing is that she's going to a party sponsored by the black family channel. don't get me wrong, janet can show her wrinkly nip to anyone she wants as far as i'm concerned but to position herself as someone who is a family performer, seems a little disingenious to me.

this year the main halftime performer will be paul mccartney. i'm pretty sure that no one has to fear paul showing the world his twig and berries. also on the bill are american idol kelly clarkson, country singer gretchen wilson of redneck woman fame, and the charlie daniels band. first of all, is there any real need to have anyone besides paul mccartney up there? seriously, isn't it kind of an insult to have these people even on the same stage as sir paul. i mean he's a goddammed beatle for chrissakes. let him go up there and sing hey jude, the long and winding road, and let it be, and call it a night. didn't we learn anything from U2's performance? i think that dan patrick said it best when he said, "as far as i'm concerned, from now on U2 can do the halftime of the super bowl every year."

anyways, i think that it's also pretty clear the other theme that the halftime organizers are going for. geez...what do all of the acts have in common...well, it's not gender since paul is a male and kelly is a female...it's not a nationality thing since paul is british and everyone else is american...age maybe?...no paul and charlie daniels are a lot older than clarkson or wilson...oh wait maybe it's that all the performers are snow-f-in-whitey. seriously, can we blame black people for anything else in this country. how can you have a sport that made up about 50% black people and not have any brothas or sistas in the show. anyways, it's complete b.s. and i encourage everyone to boycott by not watching the halftime show....except when paul mccartney is performing. i mean, he is a goddammed beatle after all.


super bowl idiocy

i've been relatively quiet on the sports front lately, so here's some super bowl analysis for ya.

according to terrell owens, he may ignore his doctor's advice and play in the super bowl anyway. this despite a really screwed up leg.

while i suppose in some sense, i admire T.O.'s desire to play, this really smacks of what about me? now usually in sports, i'm a big fan of what about me, but in this case, this all but guarantees that the eagles will lose. and lose big. and here's why.

1) people almost never come back from leg injuries kickin' ass right away. even if T.O. can play, he is going to be about as effective as me lining up at wide reciever.

2) the pats will be unfazed by T.O.'s completely lame attempt at willis reed heroics. let's face it kids, it's obvious that T.O. is trying to become some kind of mythic sports hero who overcame improbable odds to lead his team to victory in the way that willis reed did. here's the difference. everyone expected reed to sit out. his entrance was made dramatic by the fact that he came out with a couple of minutes left in warmups. and then he only really played a few minutes. and this was all in the seventies. athletes and fans are too cynical to really care about this kind of b.s., especially coming from someone whose behavior so far has painted him to be a me-first guy (again, i have no problem with that). if i can figure this out, then surely the smartest man on the face of the earth, bill belechick can figure this out and the pats won't be fazed by this at all.

3) if the injury doesn't limit T.O.'s effectiveness, then the patriots defense will. if i'm a new england defender, the goal seems to be perfectly clear: sweep the leg. what bigger morale deflator could there be for the eagles than to have their supposed hero get taken out early. T.O. risks serious injury to his leg, but he's too caught up with being a part of the winning. what he should understand that he's more than done his part. without him, the eagles don't sniff the super bowl. i understand that it means more if he contributes on game day, but it just doesn't make any real sense to risk career endig injury.

4) god is against him. T.O. has been quoted as saying that he's been spiritually healed (all this after a doctor has categorically determined that he has not been healed). if god gave a damn about your leg, then why did he let it get broken in the first place a-hole. i'm not that religious a person, but i know better than to give god credit for things that he's got nothing to do with. if i'm god, i have teddy brusci chew off T.O.'s leg and then shove it up T.O.'s ass.

5) if you remember, T.O. had his leg broken by america's team, the dallas cowboys. when the pats win, the cowboys will have yet again have had some say in the outcome of the superbowl.

the prediction: come on kids, this is a no brainer. the only hope that the eagles have is if tom brady decides to have the worst game of his entire career and donavan mcnabb turns into michael vick circa 2000. the line as of the writing of this post is NE (-7). give. me. the. pats. in the words of lisa simpson, new england is a mortal lock.

2 more quick hits about the super bowl

1) it is completely idiotic to wait two weeks after the conference championship game to play the big one. after last weeks masterful performance by both the pats and the eagles, i think that interest can only wane after the first week. there's just too much else going on to distract the casual fan.

2) although we will be hosting the annual super bowl party at our place, i also think it is idiotic to have 12 hours of coverage leading up to the super bowl. i'm curious to know what the ratings on these things are. i guess they can't be any worse than what is normally on sunday afternoons, but do we really have to stomach terry bradshaw from 10AM to 5PM?


buyer's remorse

here it is.

i finally got the ubiquotous ipod and i can't tell you how awful i'm feeling right now. seriously, this should be a day of joy for me, as i can finally carry around all 39GB of my music collection with me wherever i go. no more wishing that i had put in another CD to work out to. no more recharging batteries. no more trying to strap my CD player on to my bike when i go for a ride. finally a music player that fits in my pockets. but alas, i feel nothing but pure catholic guilt.

you see the problem is, because my music collection is so large, that i had to get the 60gb ipod photo, which is 200 dollars more than the 40gb music ipod. so that's right, 600 bones. this after i just dropped 450 on my new guitar. it's weird, when i was at compusa, i felt like i was at a mechanic's shop when you have to have expensive repairs done. you know, you don't want to spend that money, but you just have to. i've tried to justify this purchase to myself in numerous ways. i mean if i could just save 2 dollars a day for a year, that more than makes up for the price of the ipod. it's going to encourage me to work out more. it's not like i'm going to go bankrupt if i keep this. as fredo says, apple didn't so much invent this thing to make money, as they did to invent something that is exactly what i want. but still, i can't get that 600 dollar price tag out of my head.

i'm so torn, that i haven't even taken it out of the plastic yet. i am imploring you, o sweet dear blog reader to please leave a comment with some advice as to what i should do. fiscal responsibility or musical freedom. i've got 21 days to return it, so you m-f'ers better leave some comments or i'm never going to post again! but seriously, i really don't know what to do, and i need advice.

can martika be far behind?

always a big fan of naked celebrities, i'm happy to report that debbie gibson is going to pose for playboy next month. has any musician found playboy to be an effective tool for resurrecting their career? this is a little strange since i could've sworn that i read somewhere that she had found god or something. i suppose that this really isn't "out of the blue". i mean, finally, she gets a chance to "shake her love", or this "only in my dreams"? i could go on, but i won't. electric youth forever!


take a look at me now

this is going to be one of the more non-sensical posts that i've ever done, but i thought that i would fill you in on some of the new things that i have come into possession of in the past month. most of these things were christmas presents or purchased with christmas money. in any case, i wanted to fill you in because no doubt these things may (or may not) affect the quality of the blog. either by contributing to it, or occupying my time so as to take away time usually spent blogging. in either case, i think that you'll enjoy the show.

#1 - live aid DVD

my little sister originally got me the new U2 CD. being the genius that she is, it never occurred to her that i would have gotten it the day it came out. in any case, i was able to exchange it at best buy for this. in any case, if you are around my age, i'm sure you remember camping out in front of your tv when live aid originally aired. there's also the original videos from band aid's do they know it's christmastime and usa for africa's we are the world. all in all, it's a great dvd with lots of unintentional comedy and really good performances. phil collins' solo piano version of "against all odds" alone is worth the price of the dvd.

#2 - new digital camera

when you get older in my family, the aunts and uncles stop getting you presents and start giving you cash. which in my opinion is the greatest f-in idea that they've ever collectively come up with. i lost my old digital camera in chicago at my friend's wedding. someone ganked it at the hotel we think. in any case, i've got two weddings coming up this spring and i definitely want to take pictures, so i figured that i would go ahead and get a new one. my last camera was a beast in terms of size. i mean it was freakin' huge, so i figured that i'd go for ultra-compactness, which led me to the canon sd200 elph. it's a great camera that i recommend for anyone who is only semi-serious about taking pictures on a regular basis. the camera is only slightly larger than it is in the picture. anyways, at this point, you may be wondering, how did i manage to take a digital picture of my digital camera? the answer....

#3 - a digital video camera!

my mom floored me when she got me this for christmas. i never even thought about having one, and i can't believe she spent as much as she did for this. anyways, it's super cool and no doubt, i'll be able to launch my directing career, establishing myself as a triple threat (public administrator/sociologist/film director). which leads us to the best of the new toys...

#4 - a new guitar

as a reward for finishing my thesis, i decided to treat myself to a new guitar. my last guitar was pretty awful. i had four different people tell me on four different occasions that it was the worst guitar that they had ever played. and it really was. the action on that guitar was so high, that i basically couldn't play any bar chords. in other words, i couldn't play any chords that required any fingering past the fourth fret. and since i am in possession of neither a red guitar nor the truth, i need more than three chords to make my point. don't get me wrong, me and the old guitar had some good times, but i was just ready to take it to the next level, and now i have the opportunity to become a quadruple threat of public administrator/sociologist/film director/brooding musicain.

if you'll notice, it is a martin DX1. the guy at guitar center told me that the front is made out of spruce, and the body and the neck made out of mahogany scraps that martin had left over from making other guitars. they fuse it with heat, pressure and glue. the result is a extremely bright sounding guitar that is supposed to get warmer in tone over time. as if that weren't enough, the guitar center guy knocked 100 bucks off the already marked down price and threw in a really nice guitar case for only 50 bucks. anyways, it is easily the coolest thing i own.

it pretty much all comes together here.*

if you can't tell, i'm having a little trouble going from the Dm7 to the Gsus4. that and i'm tone deaf.

anyways, i really don't know what to do with my old guitar. if any of you have any ideas of what i should do with the world's worst guitar, please leave a comment.

* special thanks to erik for the a/v assistance.


the ragin' asian reviews closer

first off, the beat catches your attention with a straight electric drum backbeat and then in his usual fashion, trent reznor gives us a wall of guitar feedback...

i don't know why, but anytime anyone says the word "closer" my default joke is to refer to the nine inch nails song of the same name. anyways, on to the review.

in a movie starring jude law, julia roberts, clive owen, and natalie portman, directed by mike nichols, you would expect that really good arty oscar type performances would be done by the involved parties. closer doesn't disappoint in this regard. please note that this is coming from me, the person who hates julia roberts more than anything in the entire world. she's actually really really damn good in this movie. the problem with this movie is that i'm not sure that it has anything really interesting to say and it just becomes a vehicle for jude law to show his range or natalie portman to try and break type with their performances. which is well and good, but i prefer my movies to have at least some semblance of a point. in other words, it's your typical stream of consciousness rumination on the issues of relationships. and it ruminates on all of the same types of themes, such as fidelity, honesty, trust, blah blah blah. and in the end, it seems like nothing is resolved. maybe it's not supposed to, but to compare to nichol's magnum opus, the graduate, at least the graduate ended in a way where you left with at least some sense of closure. and at least you care about the characters. at least three of the characters are such horrible people i almost felt that they deserved any misery that they had to endure in this movie. anyways, like i said, solid acting all around, but unfortunately, i ended up just not caring. B-.

on a somewhat related note, i spent the greater part of the movie cursing mike nichols for agreeing to cut out the natalie portman nude scenes. she looks fantastic in this movie. this generation's audrey hepburn?

in other news, i'm off to vegas this weekend, when i was supposed to go last weekend but couldn't because of the la conchita landslide. however, alfredo may be too swamped with work to be able to go. dammitall. anyways, i'll let you know after this weekend how it went.

today marks the triumphant return of the pop life radio show on kjuc. i'll try to get the file uploaded asap so you can download it and listen to it on your ipod.

i learned how to insert divider lines in html today. what do you think?


learning to be fat in high school

i saw this article on cnn.com today. the basic gist of it is that physical education classes are becoming less and less of a priority for secondary and primary schools. the priority has been decreased so much that only 28% of enrolled school kids have a daily phys-ed class. i know that this statistic is problematic when you factor in students who don't have to take phys-ed because they're on a team sport or something, but you have to admit, 28% still sounds really low. and given the recent attention given to obesity in this country, it's still compelling. anyways, i think i'm going to try and work some of this stuff into my thesis so i'm going to write a little blurb here for posterity.

this article is really surprising to me given the fact that perhaps with the exception of brazil, there is no other sports-mad country in the world that us. i think part of this is that sports represents some kind of pargidigmatic capitalist/democratic/rugged individualism that lies at the heart of the american dream. related to this is the idea that in order to achieve some kind of new age "wholeness" we have to be active both mentally and physically. seriously, there is no other group of people more excoriated in this country than fatties. erik's friend f suggested that generally fat people are seen as jolly. while that may be true to some extent, i think that most people are just grossed out by them. media images and cultural values aside, i think most people consider lack of physical shape to be some indicator of moral deficiency, that out of shape people are lazy or gluttonous, both extremely antithetical to the protestant work ethic. anyways, my point is, this attitude which i think is pervasive in the US is so contradictory so some other attitudes about humans in general. for example, african americans are considered the par-excellence when it comes to athleticism, and despite our view that physical fitness is an indicator of moral quality, we are super quick to villify the dumb jock. even in the more liberal circles that i run in, i think there's still a disconnect. for example, here in the UCSB soc department, we are pretty freakin' quick to dismiss the idea of social darwinism. we like to think that we're better than animals in that we do more than just look for qualities in our partners other than physical attributes that assure the survival of our offspring, the way apes or lions choose thier mating partners. yet, we constantly also harp on this new age, sound body and sound mind thing.

i don't know what any of this means yet in the context of baseball statistics (which is what i'm writing my dissertation on), but i suspect that there's something to this that causes mainstream baseball to frown upon the stats geek.

like i said, i've just started thinking about my dissertation, so i'm just brainstorming about possible angles at this point, so maybe this isn't related, but i still think that it's interesting that acording to this article, we as an american culture are valuing physical fitness less and less.

pedagogical note

i'm the teaching assistant for poli sci 205 this quarter. it is the graduate level statistics course for the poli sci department, and since the sociology department here at ucsb is not offering it, some of the soc kids are taking it and i guess that no one in poli sci grad students wanted to be the TA. i'm not sure why since i have to do jack-bitch as the TA. anyways, i just got through grading their first little mini assignment. it was pretty basic, standard deviation, confidence intervals and z scores, about 7 problems all together. anyways, i noticed that all of the sociology kids needed no more than a single sheet of paper to complete the assignment, while the poli sci kids all took about 4-5 pages.

i have no idea what this means. i suppose that maybe sociology is able to make its point much more succinctly and clearly without cluttering stuff up with unneeded flotsam and jetsam. or maybe sociologists are much more lazy. like i said, i really have no idea, but i thought that it was interesting to see that the difference lay strictly along discipline lines. if you have an explanation, please feel free to enlighten us.


pop life v2.0

i'm happy to announce the return of pop life, the radio show that my friend and colleague jp did for a brief period in the early 2000's. for those of you who don't know, pop life is a radio show where jp and i discuss topics pertaining to popular culture in an quasi-academic-cum-indie-hipster way. in other words, we cover the same stories that you might see on entertainment tonight or read in US weekly, but we aren't afraid to say that ashlee simpson's dad is a freakin' nutjob. or more accurately, jp does critical commentary on popular culture, while i make dick and fart jokes. it's a lot like this blog actually, except no sports, and it's on the radio. anyways, it's on kjuc, which unfortunately can only be heard in the dorms of UCSB. it's the training station for the real USCB radio station, kcsb. kcsb is actually webcast, but the way it works is that once you finish your training on kjuc and decide that your show is good enough for real live FM radio, they give you a ridiculous time slot like thursdays 3AM-5AM. and you can what our reaction to this is: f that. kjuc 4-eva!

i'm working on a way to post our shows on the web for you to download and play on your mp3 player. i'm pretty sure i know how to get the tapes converted to MP3's, but there may be a problem with space. i think a typical MP3 song file is about 3mb. i'm guessing a hour and a half show will be well over my 10mb storage limit for my cox cable web storage site. anyways, i have a couple of things that i'm going to work on, but if you know anyone that would be willing to host the files, please let me know.

i don't know a goddammed thing about football

like i said before, no apologies for not blogging, but i will offer a psuedo-explanation. it's really weird, i thought that finishing my thesis would free up all kinds of time to blog about any and everything, but instead without something to procrastinate for, i find that i just haven't been motivated to blog much. procrastination is a strange thing and something that someone should perhaps do some real research on to find out what motivates us to procrastinate (huh?) and maybe even the social function of procrastination. or maybe it's because i've been dreading having to write this post. as you are all well aware, the NFL regular season ended two weeks ago, and i haven't posted the final standings in mine and fredo's little pick-em derby. well, here we go. week 17 results: me 5-10, season 130-117-7 (.526); fredo 9-6. season 131-116-7 (.530).

dammit. fredo had a great last week, and i had a terrible one and it cost me the derby. fredo wins by one freakin' game. mostly because SF couldn't muster one more f-in point to cover the stupid spread. in any case, this concludes our little experiment with betting on football. as you can plainly see, fredo and i both finished under 55% which is generally considered the break even point for betting on football games. if we had bet five bucks on each game, i think fredo and i would have been out around 50 bucks. on the one hand, this means that if i had actually bet real money, it would have resulted in a monetary loss. on the other hand, fifty bucks seems to a reasonable price for something that made the season a lot more fun for me, fredo, and consequently you. i'm still wondering if i should bet real money next year. i'm definitely going to start playing the local pool, where i'm pretty sure that fredo and i would've have finished in the top 5 meaning that we would have won something overall. anyways, here are some things that we have learned from this season.

1) betting early in the season is a hell of a lot easier than later in the season. seriously the spreads were a ridiculously easy read weeks 1-5. after that, vegas does what it always does and figures the whole damn thing out. remember kids, gamblor knows all.

2) there are really only about five or six games that you want to bet on each week after week 5. seriously, vegas gets so good that most of the games are simply a 50-50 proposition based on the current football knowledge.

3) betting in the last week is dumb. there's no way to reliable know who is going to take it seriously and who isn't.

4) never bet against bill bellichick. the pats were awesome against the number this year. so were the chargers, but does "never bet against marty shottenhiemer" sound like good advice to you? bellichick is a modern day bill parcells.

5) fredo and i share almost completely the same opinions about football. there were never more than 3 or 4 games that we differed on each week. there's a one difference game in our records. which leads us to...

6) fredo and i know more than most people about football, but not enough where we should quit our jobs. if we had taken lesson 1 and 2 to heart, i think that we would have done quite well for ourselves.

7) gamblor knows all. by finishing above .500, i will have to continue to make extra trips to vegas during the fall, which encourages me to spend all sorts of money in vegas. stats tell us that in addition to losing money in football (50 bucks if i went every week and bet every game), i'll also probably lose money at the tables.

8) jake plummer blows (but we already knew that).

anyways, it's been an interesting playoffs so far. the first week was super crazy with the home team losing 3 of the games. and this week, i could've sworn that the colts were going to break through, but as fredo put it, as soon as i turned on the television and saw that it was snowing in new england, we knew peyton was done. anyways, fredo's and mine pre playoff predictions were the same, pittsburgh-atlanta in the superbowl with pittsburgh winning it. however, with lesson 4 in hand, we know that new england has a pretty good chance of winning. they're favored by 4 right now. i guess that there's a part of me that just doesn't want the patriots to win 3 super bowls in four years...cuz the last team to do that was...anyways, i still think that pittsburgh wins next week (well, at least that's what i think right now) and i'm pretty sure that atlanta beats philly (no reason to think that the same team from last year won't lose again in the conference championship. T.O. might have been a reason, but since there's no T.O...), atlanta and michael vick will win the big one. however, lesson 4 tells us...don't bet against the pats. that's really wishy-washy, i know, but i'll go with the falcons right now.


f orbitz

you may all well know that the new way to buy an airline ticket is online. it's gone so far that airlines are actually giving you cheaper rates for buying your tickets on the internet. in other words, the pass on 10 dollars of the $20,000-$30,000 savings that they get now that they fired some middle class old lady from her job (not to mention not having to provide them with flight benefits). no doubt you also know that there a bunch of websites such as expedia, travelocity, and the most recently launched orbitz that claim to be able to find you the chapest fare to anywhere. anyways, i was trying to book some plane tickets for my sister who is going to vietnam next month. they list a bunch of cheap fares that are lower than the ones that i got from the airlines websites. problem is, that when i tried to buy them, none of them were actually available. you get this bogus message that says that flights change from second to second and that's why you didn't get the fare. which of course pushes to to click on a higher fare, and so on and so on, until i'm back at the price that i originally got from the airlines website. anyways, the wonderful people at the UCSB branch of STA Travel (particularly the good looking ticket agent that helped me) gave me the straight poop on how it works. apparently, what orbitz does is to list the lowest fare that was offered in the past six months. meaning, that the fare in all likelihood is no longer in effect.

maybe this is the best way to do it, but it seems to me that this is a classic case of bait and switch. they lure you in with the promise of the lowest fare ever, then they say, "oh the lowest fare available is not available, why don't you let us make a reservation for the normal price so that we get the commission." what's even worse is that the pretty lady at STA actually found a lower fare for me.

anyways, the point is, these sites and the airlines would have you believe that using the internet saves every tons of cash. when in reality, it only saves them cash and gives them an excuse to lay off people. f them and their soon-to-be-bankrupt asses. do yourself and call yourself a travel agent. that way the airlines has to pay money to a hard working person who actually does know which flights are available and will actually try to save you money. and if you go to the UCSB branch, ask for katie malley, she's kinda hot.


so, does that mean that madonna is catholic again?

so the leader of the kaballah group that madonna supports said something to the effect of "it's the jewish people's own fault for the holocaust." which just goes to show you how full of crap anyone with over a million dollars who claims to have found spirituality are. or for that matter, anyone who claims to be a spiritual person but not a religious person. what the hell is jewish mysticism mean anyway? are they magic jews? dammit i really hate people sometime. instead of thinking up ways religion can be more magical, wouldn't it be better if we just spent some time thinking of ways to not annoy the f out of everyone else?

anyways, no word from madonna's camp yet, but i'm sure she'll downplay it. i've commented on madonna and her lameness before, but to reiterate, she's full of crap, just like kaballah is full of crap. so if you see anyone with a red kaballah bracelet on, feel free to call them out on their anti-semitism.

on a related note, i've been meaning to comment on the yellow livestrong lance armstrong bracelets. it's well and good that people are raising money for cancer research or whatever, but if you are wearing one of these things in public, you are a pretensious asshole. you think that because of your measly one dollar donation and your willingness to wear a small bauble, that shows that you care about cancer more than the rest of us? if you really want to stop cancer, start protesting nuclear power plants and factories with toxic working conditions. oh what? it's much easier to just give 1 zillionth of your salary and wear a bracelet. sure it's a COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE WAY TO FIND A CURE FOR CANCER OR COMFORT THOSE WITH THIS DISEASE, but hey, at least your conscience is at ease. really all you are doing by wearing this bracelet is saying a variant of the "what about me?" question, you're just saying, "look at meeeeeeee!" and that makes you a douchebag.

i have a much more complicated rant on funding disease research, but i'll save that for another time.

randy moss fake-mooning clip

looks like collegehumor.com beat everyone to the punch. here is a video clip of randy moss scoring and not mooning the crowd. a couple of things to notice in the clip. first, the moss is pretty incredible on the touchdown. he basically scored on a broken play. good toss by culpepper, and the corner was beat by about three steps. second, the actual act itself takes less than two seconds. like i said in the previous post, it really wasn't that big a deal unless you're a uptight, prude, stick-up-your-ass kind of person. lastly, talk about your overreaction by the announcers. joe buck just keeps repeating the word disgusting over and over again. seriously, is it any more disgusting than roy williams laying out a receiver who's going over the middle. is it more disgusting than ray lewis being able to play after he tried to help someone get away with murder and then sold out his best friend to save his own ass. what's ironic about all of this is that the game was on fox, who on the one hand, loves the shock type programming. at the same time, it's run by the conservative douchebags who probably want that kind of thing looked down upon (despite their willingness to reinforce racial stereotypes in the presentation of their sports). anyways, the video quality isn't that good. when a better clip shows up on the internet, i'll post that one too.


defending randy moss

none of the corners in the NFL can't defend randy moss in the literal sense, but i think i can defend him for his faux-mooning hijinks during the vikes victory over brett farve's 4 interceptions.

common sense would dictate that the league is going to come down hard on moss for the somewhat vulgar touchdown celebration, which i suppose makes sense, but if you really think about it, what did moss do that was so bad? does anyone really believe that exposing one's ass to someone is going to somehow lead to the moral erosion of america? i mean in high school when you heard of someone mooning someone, did you think to yourself, "man, this person is going to end up being a serial killer." of course not, you chuckled like the rest of us and then you went on with life. so packers fans, who like all fans, think that their status as superfans confers upon them the right to be treated like royalty. um, excuse me, have you seen those ridiculous things that you wear on your head? no harm no foul.

what exacerbates this situation is last weeks' leaving with 2 seconds left in the game incident. admittedly, that was a very sorry thing to do. however, you will soon be reading sports columns that says that randy moss is a distraction to his team which is in some way related to the vikings mediocre showing during the regular season and if they lose to the eagles next week, some will grumble that randy moss didn't do his share. um, excuse me again, but who caught 2 tds on sunday? who is the probably the single most talented player in the game today? whose ability to get open and catch every long pass got you to where you are today? whose absence would turn you into a 5-11 team? yeah, that's what i thought.

here's my take. in every way, randy moss delivers the goods on the field. as i mentioned before, no one single player is better at what he does in football right now. terrell owens is real good, torry holt makes the tough catch, andre johnson is real real good, but to suggest that any of these players are even close to moss is preposterous. so what if he acts up a little? should this thinkg really be a distraction? are the rest of his teammates so fragile that something as insignificant as a meaningless gesture distract them from doing their job? it seems to me that the people with weak moral character are those who lack the discipline to do their job while laughing about it. joe montana asked randy cross if he saw john candy during their game winning drive against the bengals in the super bowl. is he a distraction? i think that farvre's 4 interceptions was more of a distraction to his team than randy was to anyone. the point is, leave randy alone. he did nothing but make great plays and helped his team to win. anyone who thinks that this is a big deal needs to just calm the f down. and they also need to stop being a puritanical-the-world-was-better-when-only white-men-got-to-say-what-they-want-racist-homophobic-sexist-missionary-position-only-ahole.

i was rooting for the chargers to win it all when the playoffs began, and when they lost, i thought that i'd throw my support to the falcoms in hope of seeing michael vick (the other single most talented player in the game) light it up. however, my support is not squarely behind the vikings and randy moss's hot black ass, despite the fact, they probably won't make it out of next week. let's hope randy will be able to really pull his pants down in the super bowl.

anyways, no doubt some of your are looking for footage of the mooning celebration. i suspect that ifilm will have it up soon and when they do, i'll post the link. until then, here's a great picture.

p.s. randy's hair looked kickass.


just like his career...

aaron carter's SUV went out in a huge ball of flame. there's some symbolic meaning or cautionary tale to be told for young pop stars who are siblings of other young pop stars (see immediately preceding post) with all of this, but i just can't think of it right now.


i'm only adding to the attention devoted to this no-talent ass clown

did anyone see the halftime show of the orange bowl last night? apparently ashlee simpson got booed off the stage at the end of her performance. and thanks to the miracle of the internet, you can relive that glorious moment right here, courtesy ifilm.com. the clip is pretty funny because she's trying to rock out in the only way that young white chicks from suburban dallas can, and she sounds just god awful (you can make your own "she would have been better off lip-synching" joke here). anyways, what i like is how the announcers just try to fight through the booing while recapping the names of the performers. i think if you listen closely, you'll hear a slight pause before they have to say ashlee's name. and then they pan to the poor dancers who were on the field who have to have a crowd boo them because of whose music they're dancing to.

i dunno, i guess i'm just jumping on an already gigantic dogpile here. i mean for chrissakes, she's not even 17 yet and she already has to deal with being a zillion times less better looking than her older sister and now she has to deal with the scorn of an entire sooner and trojan nation. i suppose she is just bringing it on herself by continuing to committ career suicide by continuing to perform, but at some point, it's got to get to her. anyways, ashlee if you are reading this, i'm on your side baby, but you got to quit pretending that you are a rock star.

do you think that the trojans had to use any trojans last night?

the jokes so obvious it really isn't funny, but someone had to say it. anyways, congrats to USC fans and alumni for winning one of the most lopsided national championship games i've seen in a long time. anyways, i just wanted to get this down in print. matt leinart played out of his head last night. for one night, no one in college football could stop him. however, this sterling performance almost guarantees that he will be a bust in the NFL. see previous national championship quarterbacks and their luck in the NFL.

on a sidenote, the nolan catholic high school fight song is the same as USC's, so in a way, i won a national championship last night as well. fight on!


the ragin' asian reviews ocean's 12

as with the last review, this one is about a couple weeks late. i saw ocean's 12 over the break, and only now have i found the time to say a few words on its behalf.

ocean's 12 finds the gang from 2001's ocean's 11 reunited in yet another elaborate caper. in a sense, seeing ocean's 11 will probably ruin seeing ocean's 12 for you. ocean's 11 had two things going for it that really made it work. 1) it's a really good caper movie that had most people oohing and ahhing at the end over the ingenuity of the heist that danny ocean and his gang pulled off. 2) the star power had charisma and machismo oozing off the screen onto the theater floor. i remember leaving the theater and thinking to myself, "man, george clooney is really good looking." anyways, put these two things together and you got a pretty enjoyable movie. nothing life changing or anything like that, but good old popcorn fun. with a sequel, i think that you end up looking for the twists and the misdirection of the heist to figure out how the gang pulls off the caper. and to be honest, it's really not that good. so instead you're left with the charisma and chemistry of the main gang to carry the movie. overall, the glamour of so many a-list movie stars probably is enough to carry the movie, and it's a good thing, because the caper part wasn't nearly good enough. i won't get into the specifics of the caper, but there were several things that you could see coming from a mile away. and even then, when you do find out about one surprise twist, it is completely underwhelming to the misdirection and cleverness of the caper from ocean's 11. that being said, there are a few parts where the charisma of the a-listers falls a little flat as well. some of the plot elements were a little bit too cutesey, particularly the one featuring america's sweetheart, or as i like to call her, the world's most overrated and annoying actor, julia roberts. part of the heist involved her character, tess, having to pretend that she's julia roberts. it's a little too smug and i would liken it to when the popular kids in high school were in charge of the yearbook and all they did was put pictures of themselves in it. anyways, like i said, the movie was still enjoyable and there are several parts where i chuckled, but i think i'm actually going to recommend that you wait until it comes out on video to see it. of course since this review is about two months after the movie premeired, you probably already saw it. anyways, i've decided to start using a grade based rating system for my movie reviews, so final verdict, B-.

p.s. i saw anchorman on dvd and i think it's one of the funniest movies that i've seen in a long time. a solid A.


what would mischa barton think?

the MLB angels are trying to change their name to the los angeles angels of anaheim. i'm a pretty big fan of what artie moreno the new owner has been doing, but this is stupid. you know it's like that scene in swingers when sue tells mikey that things are different in LA, and then trent reminds sue that he's from anaheim. you can't be a los angeles team and be an anaheim team at the same time. i guess that they're trying to wiggle out of a stipulation of their lease with edison park that says that they have to be named anaheim something, but i've got to give the thumbs down on this.

besides, ask any angeleno if los angeles and orange county are the same thing.


you have to admit though, the name of this thing is a pretty good pun.

jet li is ok

my sister erroneously informed me that jet li had perished in the tsunamis, and then i went on tell some other people, but it turns out that he is ok.

stayin' alive in 2005 (or no tsumanis in southern california)

it's monday morning, i'm at work in the computer lab and the new quarter has officially begun. like i said before, i'm done apologizing for not posting when i'm on vacation. perhaps next time, i'll find a guest blogger to hold down the fort while i'm freezing my ass off in texas (snow on the ground on christmas!). anyways, i'm back and you the ragin' asian blog reader have much to look forward to this year, including, the football picks wrap up, a review of ocean's 12, a list of things that i got for christmas, a scene by scene analysis of the live aid dvd, and the usual cutting edge social commentary on the world of sports and pop culture. here's to a new and prosperous year for all of us...and don't forget, this is the year that i predict we'll see britney in playboy.

in the meantime, if you haven't yet, for chrissakes, donate some money already.