buyer's remorse

here it is.

i finally got the ubiquotous ipod and i can't tell you how awful i'm feeling right now. seriously, this should be a day of joy for me, as i can finally carry around all 39GB of my music collection with me wherever i go. no more wishing that i had put in another CD to work out to. no more recharging batteries. no more trying to strap my CD player on to my bike when i go for a ride. finally a music player that fits in my pockets. but alas, i feel nothing but pure catholic guilt.

you see the problem is, because my music collection is so large, that i had to get the 60gb ipod photo, which is 200 dollars more than the 40gb music ipod. so that's right, 600 bones. this after i just dropped 450 on my new guitar. it's weird, when i was at compusa, i felt like i was at a mechanic's shop when you have to have expensive repairs done. you know, you don't want to spend that money, but you just have to. i've tried to justify this purchase to myself in numerous ways. i mean if i could just save 2 dollars a day for a year, that more than makes up for the price of the ipod. it's going to encourage me to work out more. it's not like i'm going to go bankrupt if i keep this. as fredo says, apple didn't so much invent this thing to make money, as they did to invent something that is exactly what i want. but still, i can't get that 600 dollar price tag out of my head.

i'm so torn, that i haven't even taken it out of the plastic yet. i am imploring you, o sweet dear blog reader to please leave a comment with some advice as to what i should do. fiscal responsibility or musical freedom. i've got 21 days to return it, so you m-f'ers better leave some comments or i'm never going to post again! but seriously, i really don't know what to do, and i need advice.


Erik said...

Advice: Enjoy yourself. You're Rick James, bitch!

Anonymous said...

600 bucks?! Are you fucking crazy? For something that could be ganked at your friend's wedding just as easily as a piece of shit camera?

And who the hell says you have to have your ENTIRE music collection on there all at once? If your collection is that big, chances are you've got several groups in there that would probably come to your house and perform their entire fucking album live for 600 bucks.

You can kiss all that shit goodbye anyway when I break into your guys' house again to get the rest of your spare change.

On second thought I think you should keep it.

Anonymous said...

600 bucks? you've lost that much just sitting around in vegas. open that bitch up and join the 21st century.

your pal,
buck rodgers

Anonymous said...

I am sure all of those tsunami orphans would want you to open it and enjoy it too. afterall, as soon as they put 10 or 20 years into child prostitution they too will be able to buy one of those as well.

Anonymous said...

You should keep it. After all, spending money is the American Dream, so you can say you're an A-list American after you keep it. Plus, IPods are just so damn cool and all your friends will envy you. And that's what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

I have two words for you: tax return