defending randy moss

none of the corners in the NFL can't defend randy moss in the literal sense, but i think i can defend him for his faux-mooning hijinks during the vikes victory over brett farve's 4 interceptions.

common sense would dictate that the league is going to come down hard on moss for the somewhat vulgar touchdown celebration, which i suppose makes sense, but if you really think about it, what did moss do that was so bad? does anyone really believe that exposing one's ass to someone is going to somehow lead to the moral erosion of america? i mean in high school when you heard of someone mooning someone, did you think to yourself, "man, this person is going to end up being a serial killer." of course not, you chuckled like the rest of us and then you went on with life. so packers fans, who like all fans, think that their status as superfans confers upon them the right to be treated like royalty. um, excuse me, have you seen those ridiculous things that you wear on your head? no harm no foul.

what exacerbates this situation is last weeks' leaving with 2 seconds left in the game incident. admittedly, that was a very sorry thing to do. however, you will soon be reading sports columns that says that randy moss is a distraction to his team which is in some way related to the vikings mediocre showing during the regular season and if they lose to the eagles next week, some will grumble that randy moss didn't do his share. um, excuse me again, but who caught 2 tds on sunday? who is the probably the single most talented player in the game today? whose ability to get open and catch every long pass got you to where you are today? whose absence would turn you into a 5-11 team? yeah, that's what i thought.

here's my take. in every way, randy moss delivers the goods on the field. as i mentioned before, no one single player is better at what he does in football right now. terrell owens is real good, torry holt makes the tough catch, andre johnson is real real good, but to suggest that any of these players are even close to moss is preposterous. so what if he acts up a little? should this thinkg really be a distraction? are the rest of his teammates so fragile that something as insignificant as a meaningless gesture distract them from doing their job? it seems to me that the people with weak moral character are those who lack the discipline to do their job while laughing about it. joe montana asked randy cross if he saw john candy during their game winning drive against the bengals in the super bowl. is he a distraction? i think that farvre's 4 interceptions was more of a distraction to his team than randy was to anyone. the point is, leave randy alone. he did nothing but make great plays and helped his team to win. anyone who thinks that this is a big deal needs to just calm the f down. and they also need to stop being a puritanical-the-world-was-better-when-only white-men-got-to-say-what-they-want-racist-homophobic-sexist-missionary-position-only-ahole.

i was rooting for the chargers to win it all when the playoffs began, and when they lost, i thought that i'd throw my support to the falcoms in hope of seeing michael vick (the other single most talented player in the game) light it up. however, my support is not squarely behind the vikings and randy moss's hot black ass, despite the fact, they probably won't make it out of next week. let's hope randy will be able to really pull his pants down in the super bowl.

anyways, no doubt some of your are looking for footage of the mooning celebration. i suspect that ifilm will have it up soon and when they do, i'll post the link. until then, here's a great picture.

p.s. randy's hair looked kickass.

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