do you think that the trojans had to use any trojans last night?

the jokes so obvious it really isn't funny, but someone had to say it. anyways, congrats to USC fans and alumni for winning one of the most lopsided national championship games i've seen in a long time. anyways, i just wanted to get this down in print. matt leinart played out of his head last night. for one night, no one in college football could stop him. however, this sterling performance almost guarantees that he will be a bust in the NFL. see previous national championship quarterbacks and their luck in the NFL.

on a sidenote, the nolan catholic high school fight song is the same as USC's, so in a way, i won a national championship last night as well. fight on!


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you've failed to get on the USC bandwagon. Why is that you may ask. Two words: Norm Chow. The guy is a genius and totally not recognized as much as he should be. Where was your race(ism)/college sports analysis when he got passed up for the Stanford coaching job? I really like Pete Carroll, but Norm Chow rules.

Bob said...

it's a good point that norm chow doesn't get the props via head coaching offers in the same way that african american head coaches don't get head coaching offers. however, at the same time, let's not forget that the person that is most directly responsible for success in athletics are the athletes, namely reggie bush and lendale white. and i don't want to be part of that crowd that mythologizes the role of coaches, which in turn diminishes the amount of effort due to the athlete. norm chow may be a genius, but he's not a genius without the studs he has playing for him.