i'm only adding to the attention devoted to this no-talent ass clown

did anyone see the halftime show of the orange bowl last night? apparently ashlee simpson got booed off the stage at the end of her performance. and thanks to the miracle of the internet, you can relive that glorious moment right here, courtesy ifilm.com. the clip is pretty funny because she's trying to rock out in the only way that young white chicks from suburban dallas can, and she sounds just god awful (you can make your own "she would have been better off lip-synching" joke here). anyways, what i like is how the announcers just try to fight through the booing while recapping the names of the performers. i think if you listen closely, you'll hear a slight pause before they have to say ashlee's name. and then they pan to the poor dancers who were on the field who have to have a crowd boo them because of whose music they're dancing to.

i dunno, i guess i'm just jumping on an already gigantic dogpile here. i mean for chrissakes, she's not even 17 yet and she already has to deal with being a zillion times less better looking than her older sister and now she has to deal with the scorn of an entire sooner and trojan nation. i suppose she is just bringing it on herself by continuing to committ career suicide by continuing to perform, but at some point, it's got to get to her. anyways, ashlee if you are reading this, i'm on your side baby, but you got to quit pretending that you are a rock star.

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